Calculation of cost of doors in the house

Calculation of cost of doors in the house

Doors in the house are integral part of interior. They perform several different important functions: also protect the room from penetration of uninvited guests, and close those rooms which have to be closed, and noise isolations, etc. promote. Therefore it is necessary to approach their choice specially carefully. It is necessary to consider many nuances and, of course, it is correct to calculate the cost of door set.

The cost of door set – thing quite disputable and not always obvious. So, for example, often the person who is not especially understanding repair subtleties sees in shop door cloth and the price of it, for example, of 2,000 rubles, is happy and considers that he was lucky. At the checkout at calculation of the complete set including platbands and accessories, the sum significantly increases. Therefore not to be trapped, in advance everything needs to be counted independently.

Calculating the door cost, consider all nuances. Try to count everything to the maximum, it is better let then economy will come out, but you will have enough money precisely.

Outer door

The cost of outer door depends on many factors: swore of which it is made, and that by which it is trimmed its sizes, turn when opening, quantities and qualities of locks, cloth thickness. Remember that the door is more qualitative, the it is more reliable, but, naturally, more expensively.

In most cases in modern shops of doors – both stationary, and the Internet – cloths locks and other accessories are already included in the price (handles, loops, etc.).

The cheapest door cloth costs approximately 5,000 rubles. Standard options leave about 8,000-10,000 rubles. There are, of course, doors more expensively – from 20,000 rubles. It is also necessary to consider the cost of door case when calculating. It in most cases should be changed entirely since old does not approach neither by the size, nor on quality. It raises the price of your door also a little. Surely consider in the cost and works on its installation. As a rule, questionable: "How much is door?" disappears implied "on a turn-key basis", i.e. together with installation. The final cost of installation of outer doors in the house depends on that how many they will be. So, for example, in the apartment it one, and in owner-occupied dwelling or cottage can be 2, 3 or more. It is rather simple to increase the cost of one outer door by all available street passes.

Interroom doors

The principle of calculation of interroom doors practically differs in nothing from entrance, only with that difference that the accessories are not included in the package. All – loops, the handle, the lock (if such it is planned) – should be counted separately. But you have freedom of choice: you can take expensive cloth and accessories more simply or on the contrary. Mounting is recommended to be added on too. Besides, mostly installation of interroom doors will require in addition platbands. On walls of rooms you will not close up slopes therefore they should be masked special pads. They are established from 2 parties. The minimum cost of interroom cloth – the simple pressed door - averages about 500 rubles. With all set there are about 2,000-2,500 rubles. The middle price range of doors – 7,000-10,000 rubles for set. Naturally, there is also premium class which is evaluated much above. Again, do not forget to add also the value of works on installation. Total amount of all in doors in the house can be counted by simple addition of all discharged at you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team