Cannes: flower from antiquity

Cannes: flower from antiquity

The homeland Cannes — Central and South America, China and India. These effective grassy plants with tuberiform rhizomes have been delivered to Europe in 1596. Flowers at Cannes of unusual form, them are often used by landscape designers for gardening of the territory.

In translation from Greek the word of Cannes is meant by "stem", the plant has received this name because of some similarity to it in the structure of stalk. At Cannes blue-green or purple leaves, large flowers and powerful underground rhizomes. Thanks to the massiveness the plants perfectly look along reservoirs, fences, on the background or in the center of beds, they are suitable for masking of not too esthetic places on seasonal dachas.

Landing and leaving

For landing of Cannes choose the warm and solar place protected from cold winds and drafts. It is better to use the earth feeder and friable though they can grow on any soils.

Cannes — hygrophilous plants, they need regular watering, especially during growth and blossoming. At the end of summer the waterings should be reduced, and before excavation — to stop. That Cannes has better taken roots, recommends to delete the first inflorescences. For the best development of plant it is necessary to carry out fertilizing every month, for this purpose use mix of mineral fertilizers. Before landing dig out holes about 50 cm in depth, stack laying from horse manure 15-20 cm thick on bottom, on it fill earth layer. Depth of landing of plant has to be about 10-15 cm, such preparation will provide early development Cannes and its abundant blossoming.

Storage during the winter period

Cannes blossoms since June prior to the beginning of frosts, this plant badly transfers cold. When there comes cold weather, stalks need to be hilled the earth to prevent freezing of root neck. Stalks shorten up to 10-15 cm, and rhizomes dig out and dry in well aired place then put together with earth lump in dry cellar where temperature of +4-6 °C is maintained. In March or at the beginning of April they are brought to the warm room for germination of kidneys. One uterine plant is separated into 3-5 parts, powdered with wood charcoal or processed potassium permanganate solution then place in boxes with sand and it is abundant humidify. Approximately in 10 days at rhizomes grow roots and kidneys are formed. In room conditions Cannes can be grown up all the year round, it is only enough to provide them conditions for short dormant period in the winter. For this purpose it is necessary to reduce at first, and then to stop waterings, to cut off stalks to 10-15 cm and for two months to place flowerpots with rhizomes in the cool and dry place with temperature about 10 °C. Then they can be moved in the warm and solar room, having resumed waterings.

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