Care for Benjamin's ficus

Care for Benjamin's ficus

Benjamin's ficus has great popularity not only among fans of window plants, but also among designers, this plant rather unpretentiously and perfectly fits into interior of different style. Care for it at all not such as care for dieffenbachia, you cannot look after so sympathetic plant.

It will decorate strict situation of office and cozy house interior. The ficus with motley leaves needs indirect sunlight to maintain coloring, but the plant with green leaves can be content even with half-shade. It remarkably looks both on windowsill and on floor, Benjamin's ficus can reach up to 3 meters in height.

The ficus loves fresh air. If to protect it from draft, then it is quite possible to take out it on balcony. It is worth noticing that plant with motley leaflets is more sensitive to cold, air humidity and fall of temperature.

During the summer and spring period the watering has to be abundant, and in autumn - the winter period watering should be reduced. Winter of once a week will be quite enough. At lack of moisture the plant can dump foliage, but nevertheless certain measure is necessary. Since spring the ficus needs fertilizing by mineral fertilizers, 2 times a month should be indulged the favourite with nutrients.

The ficus loves spraying, two times a week, and in the winter one are possible in the summer. At dry air the plant can turn yellow and dump foliage.

The young tree needs to be replaced periodically in the capacity of the bigger size by transfer method. The spring is considered the best time for change. The structure of the soil is formed of two parts of the sheet earth and one part peat. At adult ficus it is possible just to change top soil for new, without replacing.

For forming of strong trunk at tree, it is necessary to put on 2-3 plants in one pot and to bind their trunks. Over time the tree will look very effectively. For forming of krone it is necessary to cut off on well branched branches top with two kidneys and to repeat cutting as required.

The ficus very simply breeds. It is enough to cut off small shoot which shank to envelop in vatu and to put in glass with water. After emergence of roots to replace plant in soil mix, it is desirable, to plant several plants together.

Benjamin's ficus is very simple in cultivation and is delightful looks in any situation. Demands small conditions for growth, and in exchange will thank not only magnificent foliage, but also will bring benefit, purifying air around itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team