Care for raspberry: double cutting

Care for raspberry: double cutting

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Raspberry - one of the most useful country cultures, source of various vitamins and mineral substances, besides irreplaceable house means at treatment of colds. Care for raspberry is not so difficult, and some additional cunnings will help to raise several times harvest, for example, double cutting of bushes.

The method of double cutting of raspberry developed by S. Sobolev for a long time practices gardeners. Usually bushes cut off in August that they have become stronger by winter. If you want to raise raspberry harvest several times, at the beginning of June cut off secateurs of top of bushes so that they reached length of 80-120 cm. By August they will give numerous side escapes. In the spring of the next year when on raspberry leaflets appear, it is necessary to prishchipnut side escapes on 10-15 cm. After this operation from bosoms of branches new escapes begin to grow. As a result the number of peduncles, and, so and berries increases several times.

Because of the expanded side branches to raspberry it becomes close, and the productivity can decrease. That it has not occurred, bushes put 1-1.5 m at distance. Very important feature of method is diversity of the fructifying and young bushes on different sites of garden: in one place the 2-year fructifying plants, grow in another – young people from whom gardeners will receive harvest the next year only. After bushes otplodonosit, cut out them or root out, and on this place land young roots which will bring harvest next year.

From one root no more than two bushes are allowed, otherwise they will take away force each other, and berries will be less. It is better to put them in trench where nitrogen and potash fertilizers are put. That raspberry was more convenient to be watered, the trench is fenced with earth rollers, sheets from metal or slate or other material which will hold water in trench. It will be in that case possible just to throw hose on the earth, and water on groove will arrive to each bush.© All rights reserved. Especially for KakProsto! Yu.I. Skoromolova. 21.05.2013

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