Care for stone

Care for stone

Products from stone demand permanent care. Marble floor is afraid of sand (quartz), acids and is subject to formation of spots on surface. The table-top in kitchen is in corrosive medium. The stone on the street is exposed to continuous impact of atmospheric precipitation and temperature drops.

It is required to you

  • Brush, the roller, the spray, acetone, rags, felt and felt circles, USM with adjustment of turns, the adapter of 100 mm, respirator.


1. Structures on care for stone offer in many hardware stores. But not all structures are equally useful to different materials. It is attentively necessary to select the chemical compositions for granite, marble, limestone and so forth. Some medicines (as a rule, water-based) can not provide the necessary and long protection (are washed away by precipitation). Others can hammer time, without allowing material to breathe that can cause destruction at penetration depth (on limestone, marble). The structures which are strongly showing color sometimes are simply inappropriate and it is possible to spoil exterior of product.

2. The stone is cleaned with special structure, protection (colourless from spots and dirt), the last stage - putting medicine on the basis of wax or silicone is put further. Protects from burning out of color (if sunny side), prevents emergence of spots (if there are flowers on windowsills), adds gloss and shows color of material (the intensity different can be).

3. Additional water-repellent properties facilitate leaving and protect surface, doing it irresponsive to formation of spots. I recommend to put previously for kitchen table-tops protection against spots and dirt. These medicines are suitable for any stone (marble, granite, agglomerate). Main, correct use of product: drawing time, layer thickness, drying and so forth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team