Carrot fly: as to struggle with her

Carrot fly: as to struggle with her

The summer is the hottest time for gardeners and gardeners. In the summer during warm time various wreckers, among them and carrot fly become more active. It is capable to spoil considerable part of harvest.

Exterior and some features of fly

The carrot fly is such insect of the small sizes whose length is about 4.5 mm. The trunk at it brilliant and black, is covered with gentle down. Red-yellow head, short moustaches and legs just yellow. Wings at fly transparent, with yellowish-brown veins.

The first generation of these flies usually appears in the early spring. They lay eggs to the damp earth at the basis of stalks of carrots. Week later larvae of pale yellow color of 5 mm are formed of them. They begin to get into root and gnaw through the courses there. Having reached the necessary size, in three weeks of larva leave root, and then pupate.

The second generation of flies appears at the beginning of July — the end of June. Larvae of the second generation likewise live, as much as possible spoil carrots, and is closer to fall pupate and winter in the soil.

Exterior of the struck carrots

It is possible to determine the carrots struck with carrot fly by the turned yellow and dried out tops of vegetable. If it is good to look narrowly, it is possible to find set of the courses in root neck. If to dig out such root crop, then it is possible to see change of coloring and deformation. Over time carrots will begin to decay, crack and get disgusting smell.

Similar carrots already, of course, are not suitable in food. The fly is capable to strike still celery, parsley, parsnip. Most of all wrecker nevertheless likes to destroy carrots therefore it is necessary to think of fight against fly it is necessary long before landing.

Preventive measures

It is the best of all to choose those grades of carrots which are resistant to the wrecker for landing. Will approach "vitamin 5", "F1 kalger", "perfektion". The place is also important for crops. In the dry soil of egg of carrot fly perish, and in damp well feel. Therefore it is impossible to plant carrots in shadow, the lowland and places where moisture accumulates. The place has to be blown by air and it is good to get warm.

It is necessary to plant every year carrots in the new place, and to use the old earth 3 years later. It is not necessary to plant carrots where other umbrella cultures grew.

It has been by practical consideration found out that garlic and onions frighten off carrot fly. Therefore it is necessary to try to plant alternately or near carrots onions and garlic. The double benefit will turn out — onions will frighten off carrot fly, and carrot — onions.

Carrots seeds before crops should be processed azotofity, fitotsidom-r or trikhoderminy. It is better to sow carrots not densely to minimize thinning. The smell of the pulled-out carrots will attract fly because she is guided generally on smell.

If after all it is necessary to make thinning, at first it is necessary to spray carrots boiled red or black burning pepper. The smell of this liquid will be able successfully to muffle carrots smell.

The pulled-out carrots should not be thrown somewhere nearby, it is better to carry it further from beds, to put in compost pit and to fill up with humus, the earth, peat.

Additional measures for scaring away of carrot fly

It is possible to spray sometimes carrots with infusion of wormwood, garlic or tomato tops of vegetable in the summer. To prepare such infusion, it is necessary to cut small wormwood, to put its parts in ten-liter bucket and to fill in with abrupt boiled water. When liquid infuses, infusion should be filtered and separated into 3 parts. Each part needs to be parted further with eight liters of water. The remains of wormwood can be spread out in row-spacings.

For infusion from tomato tops of vegetable it is necessary to take 4 kilograms of tops of vegetable, to crush and fill in with ten liters of water. Further capacity is put on fire and boiled 30 minutes. Later it is necessary to allow liquid to infuse within 5 hours. Having filtered, from tomato tops of vegetable add 50 ml of liquid laundry soap to infusion. It is necessary in order that infusion has better stuck to carrot tops of vegetable. Just before spraying, infusion is diluted 1 to 3 with water.

Onions infusion becomes as follows: 300 grams of onion are filled in with 2 liters of boiled water and are left in such look for day. The concentrated infusion then is filtered and diluted with ten liters of water and add 30 milliliters of liquid soap.

When there comes the fall, after harvesting it is necessary to dig over properly all carrot beds shovel. Thus on surface there will be pupated larvae which will die on cold subsequently. To save harvest from the wrecker quite perhaps, but for this purpose it is necessary to take the correct measures in time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team