Cartridge for bulbs: types, installation and connection

Cartridge for bulbs: types, installation and connection

Cartridge for bulbs – one of the most important elements of lighting equipment. It is necessary for transfer of electric current. The boss fixes bulb in the device, plays role of the holder of plafond, the lamp shade, control device lighting.

Types of cartridges

Cartridges for bulbs separate on way of installation in lighting instrument:

  • Are fixed on socle by means of pins.
  • Fasten by twisting. Connection of bulb with wire will happen when the sleeve of socle rests against the contacts which are in the boss.
  • Rotary and threaded (combined). Are fixed by means of the special lock. Are applied in places rooms where lighting equipment can be exposed to vibration, mechanical influences.

Cartridges also classify by socle type. Socles are designated by special marking under which select the necessary cartridge. The choice is also made depending on type of lamp.

Normal threaded cartridges of E27 format will be suitable for normal glow lamps, energy saving bulbs, some LED, halogen lamps. Small bulbs minions are fixed in E14 format cartridges. It are calculated on socle with a diameter of 14 mm. To install pin halogen, fluorescent lamps for low-voltage power supply, cartridges with marking of G are necessary.

It is possible to find in sale also cartridges adapters. They give the chance to connect elements of different format. If to use the E27-E14 adapter, it is possible to twist lamp minion in classical cartridge.

There are branching-out cartridges, they allow to create design with several socles. In one lamp with one slot several bulbs will be connected. It will allow to increase device power.

Installation and connection

The cartridge for bulbs is fixed by means of the auxiliary elements ensuring reliability and safety. Plastic sleeves with screws are for this purpose used.

Before connection it is necessary to collect cartridge. It consists of the following parts:

  • external cylindrical body;
  • bottom;
  • ceramic insert.

Current is transferred to bulb through brass contacts and tightening levels.

For assembly press the brass plate brought from the main contact to ceramic insert and record the screw. Before installation of the boss switch-off the automatic machines in electric board which are responsible for power supply of the electric device.

Connection order:

  • Smooth out the ends of wires on 1.5 cm, having removed isolation.
  • Insert wires into openings of the boss and fix by means of brass spring contacts.
  • Fasten socle part.
  • Check operability of the device after screwing of bulb and giving of electric current.

In the electric device the cartridge fastens by means of additional fixing (the plastic sleeve with the screw). After connection of wires and assembly of product clamp wire the screw. It is also possible to fix by the sleeve plafond parts, decorative elements of the lamp.

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