Ceramic tile for floor: how to choose

Ceramic tile for floor: how to choose

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Options of finishing of floors there is huge number today. They can be both warm, and cold, and warmed. As covering different materials are used - from tree to laminate. One of popular options which perfectly is suitable for such zones as the bathroom or kitchen is the floor ceramic tile. However that it long served and well looked, it is necessary to follow accurately rules of its choice and laying.

It is necessary to consider the fact that the ceramic tile for floor significantly differs from tile which is used for wall decoration. The floor option has to be stronger and durable as on it the heavy load, than is the share of wall tile. Therefore it is necessary to choose it specially carefully.

Key parameters to which it is necessary to pay attention

The main requirements which are imposed to floor in difficult places of type of kitchen of the bathroom or toilet - it is durability, moisture resistance, fire resistance, durability and, of course, simplicity of cleaning. It is also desirable that the covering had antiskid qualities and differed in quite good design.

When choosing floor tile pay attention to its features which considerably distinguish this covering from similar wall options. So, the floor tile differs: - thickness (it is much larger also to thickness wall therefore is stronger); - wear resistance class (it is a priori higher, than at other options of coverings as it is intended for service indoors with intensive loading); - ability to maintain mechanical loadings; - antiskid surface; - chemicals resistance (the wall tile is washed less often floor). Today there are several classes of wear resistance of tile for floor. 1 and 2 are that are mainly used in rooms with small load (for example, the bathroom and toilet). The 3rd class is usually used for rooms with the average level of operation (usually such tile is applied in any premises, including and in kitchen). 4 - the one that is used for finishing of rooms with big passability to Luda, for example, in the hall. The most durable 5th class is usually applied in places of mass congestion of the people - restaurants, shops, offices, etc.

Attentively study the label regarding verification of class of wear resistance with your needs. If you buy weak material, it will quickly crack. And you should not overpay for maximum too.

At acquisition of floor tile surely make sure that it is floor. On it as identification element the foot is drawn. The raised class of wear resistance is represented in the form of the shaded foot. The snowflake which is represented on tile or packing, says that the tile frost-resistant, but at the same time has low moisture pick-up.

The recommendations of professionals at the choice of tile

The choice of tile depends on for what room you are going to use it. So, for example, if for kitchen, then it has to maintain surely frequent influence of moisture and also processing by cleaning agents, at the same time remaining strong and attractive externally. Besides, its distinctive feature has to be the basis which does not allow moisture and fat to be absorbed in surface and to remain there in the form of dark and ugly stains.

This parameter needs to be checked very accurately. If the tile absorbs in itself all dirt, the covering should be changed already in few months.

That tile that is used for the bathroom, has to have smooth (not porous!) surface which at the same time well absorbs moisture. Porcelain tile will become the most optimal variant in this case. But also the glazed tile which if it is correct to lay it, has to maintain frequent soaking which will not affect its quality for many years will approach. Key parameter by which it is necessary to be guided when choosing floor tile is safety. The slippery tiled covering can become source of frequent home accidents, often serious. Therefore experts recommend to choose tile with opaque surface, and for rooms with the increased humidity - also as relief. For corridor relief it is impossible to choose at all, otherwise you risk to doom yourself to infinite cleaning of floor which will not be effective. Dirt will be hammered into fillets on tile and to get it from there will be quite problematic. Abradability of tile is very important for corridor. Here impact on ceramics is made by various garbage, sand and particles of dirt and dust which get to the house on footwear soles. But anyway the tile for such active zones of the house will be much better, than wooden cover.

Design of floor tile

The floor tile can be various design - from classical to modernist style. It is simpler to classic to put as it keeps within much easier and is combined more correctly. At the same time it is necessary to choose design of tile, proceeding from the general design of the apartment. If all kitchen represents classical option, and you cover floor arthouse tile, there will be the sheer imbalance. The tile price often depends also on its design. Therefore try to weigh everything pros and cons for acquisition of any given option.

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