Champignons: how to grow up them in house conditions

Champignons: how to grow up them in house conditions

Cultivation of mushrooms is not only interesting occupation, but also rather profitable business. Champignons grow well in hothouse conditions and yield big crop for all year if above-zero temperature indoors remains.


1. Prepare in the greenhouseto crops soil. If you have infertile earth, then bring part of the soil from the wood and pour out it over that that is. Add also a little sawdust or last year's foliage. Warm up the greenhouse to 20-22 degrees, is possible also slightly less. If it is cold, then mushrooms will not ascend.

2. Buy mycelium (disputes). It is on sale in specialized shops. If you have not found seeds of champignons, then buy several kilograms of mushrooms. Crush them and fill in with water which temperature about 35 degrees. Insist day then filter through colander with large grid. All disputes from which mushrooms grow will remain in water.

3. Spill the soil mushroom "infusion". From above slightly powder with the earth. Cover landings with cellophane film. 3-4 days later water landings. You will see young mushrooms approximately in 1-2 weeks. If you have got mycelium, then evenly scatter it on all earth surface. It is not necessary to sow too seldom – part will not sprout dispute.

4. As soon as champignons ascend, begin to water them daily. Try not to flood too the soil with water – the root system will decay.

5. Pick mushrooms in process of their growth. You watch that they did not become overripe. If not really there is a lot of shoots, and you want to receive bigger harvest, then leave several mushrooms which you will not pick. Disputes from them will get to the earth and will sprout soon. Usually in the first year the harvest turns out small, but gradually increases.

6. If at you the heated greenhouse, grow up house champignons in plastic boxes or in underground. Of course, the harvest will be small, but for cooking of it will be quite enough.

7. When champignons badly grow, it is worth looking for the reason. It can be both low fertility of the soil, and lack of moisture. Also pay attention and to indoor temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team