Change of strawberry: practical way

Change of strawberry: practical way

With landing time of strawberry (garden wild strawberry) accumulate diseases, berries become shallow therefore the berry-picker needs periodic updating, change. It is convenient to do it in the continuous way when landings are updated in parts.

Beds for strawberry

To break the site into five beds, on four to plant strawberry, on the fifth – garlic. To update on one bed of times in two years. Uneven-age landings will turn out: one-two-year-old, three-four-year-old, five-six-year-old and seven-eight-year-old. The science recommends to grow up on one place wild strawberry no more than four years, but also seven-eight years' landings yield excellent harvest.

On the eight-year bed intended for change to mark (to bind ribbons) the best bushes and to leave mustache from them on seedling. At the end of July to remove garlic, on the released bed to introduce organic fertilizers: humus or compost of 6 kg/m² and ashes of 150 g/m². And to leave the earth for month under the ferry, let has a rest.

In August to replace to the empty bed strawberry seedling in two ranks, distance between ranks of 35-40 cm, between bushes of 25 cm. Bed from under wild strawberry to dig over and leave to have a rest. At the end of September beginning of October on this bed to plant garlic. In two years other gryadochka to trade places with garlic. There is such circulation! Of course, in the first year on this bed of berries it is not enough, but present with harvest three others.

This way has the pluses:

  • the berry-picker without prejudice to harvest allows to update;
  • garlic frightens off wreckers, the wild strawberry clean, is struck with nothing;
  • it is much easier to replace one gryadochka, than at once all plantation.

Optional to replacement to plant garlic, it can be also other plants. Good predecessors for berry are carrot, peas, lentil, celery, nasturtium.

Also do not forget to mulch landings of garden wild strawberry, it much will facilitate care for it.

Five reasons why it is necessary to mulch strawberry

Royal berry requires to itself attention. She loves moisture and needs regular waterings, especially at change. It should be watered daily until it is accepted.

It is possible to facilitate the work and to considerably reduce the number of waterings if to zamulchirovat landings. The mulch perfectly protects the soil from drying, under it greenhouse effect is created that well affects root system, bushes grow powerful, with strong peduncles. 

It is necessary to mulch strawberry (garden wild strawberry) not only after change, but also in the spring as soon as bushes a little rise above the ground. Mulching – important agrotechnical reception which allows to receive rich harvest without special efforts. Mulching advantages:

  • From under mulch it is difficult for weeds to break through, about weedings it is almost possible to forget.
  • It perfectly holds moisture therefore to water enough once a week. Harvest equal, large as on selection, berries, it is guaranteed.
  • The organic mulch during the summer pereprevat, turns into fertilizer that promotes increase in harvest. Need to feed up wild strawberry disappears.
  • In the spring the mulch keeps heat in the soil that favorably influences growth of bushes, blossoming will begin earlier.
  • The ripened berries lie on mulch and do not become soiled.

As mulch it is possible to use various materials: straw, sawdust from foliferous trees, dry humus, bark, cardboard, black ukryvny material. Ukryvna it is convenient to use material in case strawberry is planted by equal rows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team