Cherenkovaniye as way of reproduction of plant: rules and nuances

Cherenkovaniye as way of reproduction of plant: rules and nuances

Cherenkovaniye will allow to create the massif from perennials and some annual plants, to rejuvenate already outdated plant or to multiply rare. It is one of the most economic and eco-friendly ways of reproduction.

What shank needs to be cut off from plant?

It depends on species of plant and on season. As a rule, the tip of branch of plant 10-15 cm long is necessary. It is necessary to cut off obliquely near small knot from which leaves grow. All leaves, except two top, cut off scissors. If at shank the large leaves (as at rhododendron), shorten them half to reduce water evaporation at sight.

Rules of landing

Place shank in the easy earth with perlite, having buried its small knot. Shanks of some plants need to be taken previously in solution for korneobrazovaniye or to powder special powder for cherenkovaniye.

It is very convenient to Cherenkovaniye to carry out in the plastic bottle cut in half. Fill the lower part of bottle with the earth. Use upper part as cover for maintenance of humidity around shank. Air sometimes shank, unscrewing stopper from bottle. In the first days preserve your shank against the scorching sun. Shanks of some plants very quickly give backs, some - very hard breed shanks. For example, backs at koleus will appear in 10 days, and at rhododendron it is necessary to wait for them the whole 24 weeks.

Conditions of successful cherenkovaniye:

  • for cutting of shanks use the sharp, clean, disinfected tools;
  • do not cut off shanks during blossoming of plant;
  • length of shank has to be 10-15 cm;
  • on shank leave 2-3 extreme leaves and if they big, cut them in half;
  • cut off shank under small knot obliquely;
  • the earth for landing has to be very easy and damp (but not crude);
  • the humidity around shank is close to 100%, it can be sprayed sometimes;
  • temperature is above 15 °C, ideally 20-25 °C;
  • use of special medicines for rooting;
  • good lighting for the implanted plant.

Spring cherenkovaniye

Practices on new, young, flexible and still green branches of plants. List of plants, cherenkuyemy in the spring, very long. The most popular of them: geranium, asters, fuchsias, dahlias, clematises. The period of cherenkovaniye begins with the beginning of sokodvizheniye and comes to an end in summer heat (April - June).

Aestivo-autumnal cherenkovaniye

Period favorable for cherenkovaniye of bushes. Cut off branches which begin to stiffen, harden. At the end of July - the beginning of September it will be to make the easiest. Camellias, roses, rhododendrons, cypresses, honeysuckle, lilac, spireya - all these plants cherenkutsya in August and to winter cold weather it is possible to receive the implanted plant. Only it is necessary to protect it from frosts.

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