Cherry: landing and leaving

Cherry: landing and leaving

Gardeners of midland quite often should face problem of the poor harvest received from high-quality cherry trees. The climatic and soil features of the region affecting quality characteristics of harvest are considered as basic reason of this phenomenon. It is possible to correct similar situation, having provided the correct, carefully thought over care for cherry.

Unlike areas with the chernozem soil and warm climate, conditions of midland do not allow cherry trees to yield abundant harvest of berries annually. It is interfered by the following factors:

  • the fertile soil layer makes only several centimeters and does not provide fully plant roots with nutrients;
  • the increased acidity of soil layer (rn makes 4.5 — 5) while the soil with neutral reaction is necessary for cherry;
  • the lack of sunlight and heat influencing emergence of deficiency of carbohydrate power supply of root system of tree.

For these reasons the high-quality cherry trees need creation of the certain conditions allowing plant not to fight for own survival in difficult environment, and to yield rich harvest.

Landing of cherry

Unlike the wild cherry which is well transferring shadowing, the high-quality imparted trees need large amount of sunlight. Therefore for landing it is necessary to choose such places where the plant will be under the influence of beams of the sun from early morning to evening, or, at least, to the second half of day.

The site has to be protected from cold winds and is not closed by kroner of other trees – otherwise the branches shading landing of cherry need to be truncated. Also it is worth paying attention to that in winter time the winds did not blow snow from under tree that is fraught with destruction by frost of its root system.

Spring planting of trees is considered the most optimum when the soil is already rather heated-up, but kidneys on branches were not dismissed yet. Soil on the prepared site is dug over, carefully delete weeds and mix the soil with humus and mineral fertilizers. As a rule, depth of landing hole is about 70 m and diameter - 1 m. As fertilizer it is recommended to add 0.5 kg of superphosphate and 2 kg of the ashes received from combustion of deciduous wood to each hole.

Features of preparation of the soil for cherry

Considering bad shipping cherry of acid soils, experienced gardeners eliminate this defect introduction of manure, large amount of limestone powder and as additional measure – the room in landing hole of pieces of concrete of various size. For the same purposes also old plaster can be used.

It is necessary to consider that cherry trees very badly transfer the buried landing, for this reason the root neck of trunk has to be higher than the level of the soil approximately on 15-20 cm. Around sapling do small hole, filling on its edges the soil roller – when watering this measure allows water not to spread, and to arrive directly to root system.

Care for cherry

Feature of cherry are some difficulties with pollination of its flowers: fruits can be tied only at pollination by pollen from trees of other grade. This problem also the fact that bees during blossoming more willingly visit flowers of other fruit-trees, than cherries is aggravated.

It is possible to correct this situation or by means of additional attraction of insects pollinators for what the tree is sprayed entirely with water with addition of honey; or by means of disembarkation near the site of cherry young growth from abandoned gardens.

You should not forget also about abundant watering with timely introduction of extra root fertilizing. As excitant boric acid can be used: on 1 bucket of water take 8-20 g of medicine. Fertilizing is made by spraying method: before disclosure of buds, in phase of active blossoming and during growth of fruits.

Also it is worth drawing close attention to the plants growing in pristvolny circle of tree: cherry badly transfers the neighbourhood of coniferous trees, apple-trees, honeysuckles, parsley, carrots, celery, narcissuses and tulips. Favorably such plants as jasmine, gladioluses, rose, strawberry, garlic, cucumbers, pumpkin influence its growth and development.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team