Choice of the industrial vacuum cleaner

Choice of the industrial vacuum cleaner

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The industrial vacuum cleaner is general professional equipment which significantly simplifies many intermediate processes on production. The industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to bring order to shops, workshops and on building sites, it is durable, practical, convenient.

What it is necessary to pay attention when choosing the vacuum cleaner to

Choosing industrial vacuum cleaner, at first decide on assignment and the purpose of such purchase.

One business when the vacuum cleaner is necessary for small auto repair shop, and another if buy it for the industrial shop.

Further it is necessary to estimate the volume of pollution, so you decide on tank volume for the technical vacuum cleaner. As all industrial vacuum cleaners practically do not differ in the functionality, only tank volume changes.

I look for time it is necessary to consider well where and in what conditions the industrial vacuum cleaner will be used, it will help to decide on whether the mobile vacuum cleaner is necessary to you or will be enough also stationary and also with what length the hose for the most convenient cleaning is necessary. From what systems you will use, central or portable, depends what canisters for storage of garbage will equip your "assistant" and what at it will be the drum size. The volume of industrial mobile vacuum cleaners big, they have good capacity and it is the best of all to use them in small working rooms. Vacuum stationary industrial vacuum cleaners because of the large sizes often apply only for cleaning of big rooms. If you need the vacuum cleaner for cleaning on small building sites, the compact mobile industrial vacuum cleaner best of all will approach. The increasing units - statsionarna are also not intended for continuous transportation. It is necessary to decide on duration and frequency of operation of the industrial vacuum cleaner, will depend on it what power the motor, and respectively and the vacuum cleaner, is necessary to you. The important part of the industrial vacuum cleaner is filter. You should not choose the systems of filtration independently, address for consultation the expert better. He well understands classification of filters and their sizes, proceeding from types and fraction of garbage.

The expert, relying on information on types of pollution which is in advance prepared by you which you face, will pick up the suitable filter.

It is necessary to be defined in advance what like pollution you want to liquidate: small construction waste, swarf, sawdust, sand, glass, sticky foam-forming fractions of dust, small crushed stone, liquids, powder paint, laundry detergents, cement, flour, coal and so on.

If the industrial vacuum cleaner is necessary for cleaning of fine dust, costs will take care of additional paper bags. The nonwoven bag is quickly hammered with hygroscopic garbage, and it is unprofitable to change it, because of expensive cost.

The technical vacuum cleaner processes both dry, and damp material. And already for cleaning of combustible materials it is worth choosing safer model which instead of electricity works with the help of compressed air. Electricity can promote fire, and subsequently and to explosion not only these materials, but also the device.

Features of the market of industrial vacuum cleaners

The domestic market of industrial vacuum cleaners is wide and various. Models from such countries as Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, the USA, Bulgaria and Italy are generally provided. If to lean on responses of consumers, then some of leaders in sales of the inexpensive, but the high-quality equipment for cleaning of industrial rooms are the German company Kress and the Bulgarian company Sparky.

As it is possible to reduce the cost of the industrial vacuum cleaner significantly

Pay attention to industrial vacuum cleaners with the mechanical vortex filter. Such device collects garbage in steel tank which is resistant even to chemically aggressive substances. The filter in such vacuum cleaner processes no more than 0.1% of the removed dust that helps to prolong the term of its operation significantly. Well think whether really you need the vacuum cleaner with the water filter. Before the owner of such equipment there will be issue of utilization of mud weight after each cleaning. It will be necessary to take care of timely cleaning of capacity for dirty slush and also filling of tanks with clear water. Water filters that at the time were good alternative normal, "have already become obsolete". They were succeeded by mechanical vortex filters which remarkably cope with the same tasks and are less exacting at operation. That your industrial vacuum cleaner served you long, buy model with the double-circuit vortex turbine, such harvest equipment is not threatened by overheating, it can work without stopping long time.

In industrial vacuum cleaners with the double-circuit turbine electric brushes, collectors, bearings, turbine winding wear out less.

Special attention should be paid on material of production of the body of the industrial vacuum cleaner. Plastic is not too durable, it is better to give preference of steel. Of course, such device will be heavier, but also will serve longer.

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