Circular saw the hands: features of construction

Circular saw the hands: features of construction

Circular saw in the house or at the dacha – thing extremely useful. It can be bought in specialized shop, and it is possible to make independently. And its desktop option will be most convenient in use.

Preparation of the basis

First of all it is necessary to make basis of circular saw. The main requirements imposed to such basis - stability and durability. Wooden bars, with section not less than 80 by 60 mm perfectly will be suitable for construction of the body of future machine.

The built body can also be sheathed wood materials. Self-tapping screws on tree, that is with frequent cutting, or large bolts best of all will be suitable for connection of all elements. If bolts are used, it is necessary to take care of that as a result of vibration the nut was not untwisted.

After preparation of the body it is necessary to take care of table-top. For these purposes it is the best of all to choose thick plywood from which it is necessary to cut out table-top of the suitable sizes. Under it the main mechanism consisting of several knots will be located: electric engine, spindle and disk.

Assembly of knots

The circular saw means quite powerful energy source. Its choice directly depends on that how big is planned installation what performance from it is expected. It is also not necessary to forget about opportunities of current network. In case power supply of circular saw is carried out from the two-phase line, the engine calculated on standard power in 4-6 kW/hour at mains voltage of 220B will be necessary. It will provide disk rotational speed approximately in 3500 revolutions per minute. Such machine will be suitable for cut of boards about 70 mm thick. When the engine is picked up and the basis is prepared, it is possible to start production of spindle which represents the body with bearings and shaft. On it the disk of circular saw will spin. As spindle it is possible to use bicycle pedal knot. But in it it is previously necessary to replace standard "star" with element from the engine. As for the cutting component, blade circle diameter has to correspond to the sizes of the machine and thickness of the processed material. The standard value usually is 12-13 cm. The disk is put on shaft which fastens to the engine. The main part of disk is in the machine, and on surface it is visible only its small part. As a result of all these manipulations the mini-circular saw turns out. During the work with it it is necessary to follow safety rules. During its assembly it is necessary to check surely whether all fastenings are well twirled, and at the time of work the engine has to be blown constantly by cold air in order to avoid overheating.

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