Cleaning of the apartment: small cunnings in the help

Cleaning of the apartment: small cunnings in the help

If the person ask to characterize the ideal house, "cosiness", "purity" and "comfort" will be the first words. That the native nest loaded you with cheerfulness and positive, it is necessary to support the level of purity and cosiness every day. However it not always works well – there is not enough free time. To prolong feeling of freshness after cleaning, at least, for week some advice will help.

1. Bathroom. The fungus of which it is heavy to get rid subsequently can appear from behind the increased humidity in joints between tiles and in corners of bathtub. Accustom themselves to air the bathroom after each water procedure.

Wipe bathroom walls on two times: the first time the rag, the wetted in water with addition of lemon juice (5-7 drops on water liter), and the second time – the dry rubberized napkin for cleaning of bathrooms. Once a week is enough to wipe with dry fleecy fabric mixers.

You watch purity of ventilating grate. At pollution it needs to be cleaned Q-tips, or to remove and vacuum. That in the bathroom the mirror did not mist over, cover surface with gelatin solution (1 tsp on 50 ml of warm water).

2. Mopping. Excessive moisture is harmful to laminate and parquet. It is enough to wipe such floors with slightly damp rag. Use vinegar: one tablespoon on water liter.

For carpets prepare soap solution: take laundry soap (better children's) and nastrugayta in bucket by means of large grater. Shake up with water in abundant foam, add 2-3 drops of essential oil on your taste. Apply foam on carpet by means of sponge, and after drying vacuum.

Linoleum though is considered easily washing, however does not love cleaning with powders. Weak and soap solution or normal warm water will be suitable for washing.

3. Disposal of dust. Wiping regiments and home decoration (for example, the TV) from dust, use antistatic.

At hoovering of part of dust immediately scatter on all apartment. Use the ionizer of air or spray near the vacuum cleaner moisture from spray.  

4. Care for furniture. Dust from upholstery of sofas can be removed if to cover sofa with wet sheet and to splash clean broom or "vybivalka" for carpets.

Sofas from genuine leather clean by means of the fleecy napkin, the wetted in gasoline. That the sofa shone as new, rub it with piece of the woolen fabric, the wetted in water with vinegar. 

Dark stains from light wicker furniture are removed by means of hydrogen peroxide. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team