Clear water at the dacha

Clear water at the dacha

Even in big cities the water quality leaves much to be desired, not to mention country water supplies and the more so wells. Despite this, many owners of personal plots do not find it necessary to purify well water, including it uncompromisingly clear. ""We in the country"", - they claim. - ""Here good ecology, and, so and clear water"".

Impurity in water

Make experiment: having arrived to the dacha, gather water from under the crane and let it stand. Even if initially water will seem transparent, in several hours it, as a rule, turns yellow. It means that in water iron surplus.

After one-two tastings of such water nothing terrible will occur. However regular water consumption, rich with iron, increases iron level in blood that in turn threatens with development of rheumatoid arthritis and also cancer of intestines and liver.

As a rule, after well "defrosting" the owner extorts from it all water as it does not suit for drink. Then the well begins to be filled with new water - clean and transparent. However it does not mean that organic pollution in it completely is absent. The same substances which have concentrated during the winter come to new well water, only in smaller quantity therefore it seems to us transparent. These are the chemicals which are washed up from agricultural fields together with melt water and residues of organic fertilizers or, roughly speaking, manure. If you or your neighbors grow up garden cultures, fertilizing them manure, it inevitably impregnates with itself(himself) the soil and together with melt water extends on all wells in the district. From here and unpleasant smell of spring water. 

Water treatment

Some summer residents buy water in bottles, organizing in the house drinking water supply in canisters. However, such approach demands considerable financial expenses and also is not suitable for elderly people who live in the country without machine, - if water reaches a limit, they will not be able to fill up stock independently. 

There are various complex water treatment systems, but they are expensive and are not favorable if in the country house you are only in the summer on weekends. Therefore water treatment by means of kuvshinny filters will be optimal solution. They allow to purify quickly and effectively water from chemical and organic pollutions. Choosing replaceable filters for the jug, pay attention to that they approached your specific situation. For example, saved from rust or softened hard water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team