Colonial style in interior

Colonial style in interior

The colonial style has united the European classics and traditions of east, African and Latin American device of the house. This style began to appear at 16-17 centuries when the European people have begun to conquer various countries, such as India, Africa, Indonesia.

Availability of wood beams is characteristic of this style in finishing of ceiling. They can have imitation ""under skin"" with copper rivets, by the principle of finishing of ship chest.

Walls of generally monophonic yellow or brown color. Such color unites all space in whole and acts as background for the subsequent decor.

Floor in such interior is trimmed with stone or tree. If wooden floors, then use expensive breeds, such as lapacho, oak or mahogany. The ceramic tile or laminate are less often used.

Furniture is used soft, convenient, disposing to rest. Maybe wattled, but also assuming rest.

Bed for the bedroom surely with wooden or shod headboard, availability of bed curtains or rack from tree with the tense canopy - as in the Indian houses.

It is better to hide the modern equipment behind furniture doors because it spoils overall view of this style.

It is possible to decorate such interior pictures in massive frames, beautiful ware from expensive materials or glass. Large number of mirrors and various decorative elements from other countries: figurines, masks, hand-made articles, wind music.

This style of interior assumes availability of large amount of light. In the morning and in the afternoon, as a rule is natural lighting, and are various chandeliers, sconce lamps in the evening.

The central place is taken by chandelier, it can be shod with lamps in the form of candles. In addition to it various surface mounted luminaires, unusual African lamps with lamp shades.

As decorative illumination and creation of special situation it is possible to use aromalamps, candles, icon lamps.

In colonial style a lot of textiles are used are curtains, carpets, covers, plaids, pillows, covers on upholstered furniture, canopies. The color gamma is used in two directions: if the Indian motives, then it is color of gold; if the African motives, then color bright red, red-white-black with various geometrical drawings.

Fabrics have to be used only natural: cotton, silk, linen.

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