Colors in apartment interior

Colors in apartment interior

The color gamma plays a major role in perception by the person of the room. What it is necessary to take into account, choosing color of interior? In many respects this choice is caused by assignment of the room.

Colors in living room interior

The atmosphere of the living room has to be cozy and disposing to communication, exactly here we have a rest in the evenings, we communicate with members of household and we receive guests. 

It is better to sustain the small living room in light tones. Addition of several contrast accents - elements of decor and separate pieces of furniture - considerably will recover room interior. Registration of more spacious living room can be constructed at the play of contrasts, having chosen 2-3 harmoniously combined colors. Adherents of minimalism and style can safely use hi-tech in interior design of the living room and rather dark shades.

Colors in bedroom interior

Rest and pacification therefore here it is better to avoid too dark and saturated colors have to reign in the bedroom. Soft shades green will become the good choice for the bedroom and blue — such room will dispose to good rest. Quite often in houses of standard building of the bedroom are narrow and extended. To correct this shortcoming and visually the interior sustained in cool tones will help to expand space.

Colors in interior of kitchen

Kitchen - special as the place in the house, exactly there is a wish to feel cosiness and heat of home. It is possible to achieve it, using different shades of one color gamma in interior design. Borders of small standard kitchen can be "moved apart", having registered it in pastel tones. Cool colors in interior will also not bad cope with this task. And the wide kitchen will become cozier if to sustain it in natural, natural tones.

Colors in hall interior

The apartment begins with the hall therefore it is important that this room has been harmoniously issued. When choosing color scheme of the hall it is necessary to consider its size, form and illumination. Here also classics with prevalence of shades beige and brown, and more bright colors, depending on your preference is appropriate.

In question of the choice of color finishing of any room important role is played by its arrangement concerning parts of the world. In rooms to windows on the West and the North there is not always enough light, but warm colors of interior are capable to correct it. And it is possible "to cool" the room oriented to the South or the East a little, having applied cold shades in its registration. It is necessary to consider also psychology of perception of color by the person. It is known that some colors, for example red or violet, excite nervous system, and such as green and blue — calm. 

So, in interior it is necessary to approach question of the choice of color in a complex, the correct color registration of the room will help to create with it the necessary atmosphere and to smooth small shortcomings of design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team