Comb for window: metal and other fixers how to establish

Comb for window: metal and other fixers how to establish

Comb – the limiter for plastic windows allowing to choose any intermediate position for frame. It is possible to find products from strong plastic or metal in sale, at the correct operation they serve long and do not spoil exterior of window.

Comb: why it is necessary

Modern plastic windows are beautiful, convenient in use and are durable. They guarantee good protection against drafts and noise, favourably differing from usual wooden frames. However they have also shortcomings, main of which – tightness large-scale. The skintight frames complemented with laying interfere with natural air circulation. As a result at windows condensate accumulates, on walls and ceiling the mold is formed. Constantly is in such room very uncomfortablly and it is even hazardous to health.

Various extracts are not able to fix problem, however there are simple and economic decisions capable to liquidate small lack of modern plastic frames. These are the small fixers reminding combs which fasten to windows and allow to open frame on any width. As a result it is possible to use not only microairing, but also other convenient modes, without using inconvenient and unsafe subdefects. The comb reliably holds heavy frame, without allowing it to slam or swing open accidentally in all width. Such devices can be used not only in residential buildings, but also at the offices, shops, cafe and other rooms needing frequent airing. The simple design serves very long, exterior of window does not suffer.

Combs for windows: types and features

Comb, comb, crocodile – national names of the same fixer. It is not included in basic equipment of plastic window, however simple adaptation can be bought separately or to order at installation of new frames. The accessory is necessary for the windows of economy option which do not have the microairing mode. But even if this function is, you should not neglect inexpensive and convenient comb. It is not necessary only at movable mechanisms, but such windows meet much less often.

Adaptation is produced from strong plastic or metal, also the combined options meet. Set for mounting consists of the comb and reciprocal part fixing it in the necessary situation. The comb represents flat plate with cloves, the size of accessory and gaps between teeth can vary. Plates are painted in color of frame. There are special accessories for fixing of balcony doors.

The choice of any given option depends on material of which the frame and also from personal preferences of the owner is made. At plastic combs there are a lot of advantages. They are easy, simple in installation, differ in wide color range and are very available at the price. The only, but large minus – fragility of material. At sharp breakthrough or unsuccessful mounting the product from plastic can be broken.

Metal limiters differ in the increased durability, they will hold frame even at strong wind gusts. It is easy to mount products, they are reliable and durable. To shortcoming it is possible to carry higher price and limited color gamma. Alternative option – the combined combs. Their toothed part is made of plastic, and fixer – of metal. The combined combs look much more esthetically all-metal, but at the same time are also reliable and strong.

Buying the metal or plastic limiter, it is necessary to understand that its function is to provide comfortable airing of the room. The product will not be able to protect window from penetration of thieves, it is easy to dump hook the simple movement of hand not only from within the room, but also outside. You should not leave small children unguarded of adults near the window opened in the airing mode. The bright kid can remove at any time the limiter and open frame, having subjected the life to danger.

Installation of fixer the hands

It is simple to establish metal or plastic fixer. The minimum skills of work with the screw-driver and accuracy are necessary. For work it is necessary to buy:

  • set of fixer and plate comb;
  • 2 self-tapping screws no more than 13 mm long;
  • cross screw-driver or screw driver;

The marking of openings requires pencil or marker. Too long self-tapping screws should not be used, they can spoil exterior of frame.

The easiest way of mounting - installation of fixer under twist handle. At first on window plastic profile the reciprocal part with pin for nakidyvaniye of working part of comb is mounted. It is established on mobile part of frame.

The decorative pad under the handle rises and turns by 90 degrees. Two screws under pad get out, the handle is accurately disconnected. On its place it is necessary to attach plate with reciprocal part of the limiter, the pin of comb has to be directed to edge of shutter. It is necessary to make sure that the comb will not disturb when opening and closing shutter.

The handle is put into place and fixed by screws, the frame handle from above fastens. The pad turns in initial situation again.

Independently it is also simple to establish comb. It is important to trace that working part of fixer has been recorded slightly above reciprocal. It will not allow window to swing open at accidental wind gust and guarantees safety of children and pets. Comb it is convenient to fix two self-tapping screws and the cross screw-driver. Openings under self-tapping screws are outlined pencil and are drilled by drill.

The limiter from metal can be installed on plastic or wooden frame. It will be suitable and for aluminum shapes which are used for glazing of balconies. In this case work is conducted according to the above-stated scheme, but for fastening of comb use special self-tapping screws on metal. To twist them the screw-driver it will not turn out, it is necessary to use the screw driver.

The fixer is suitable only for oar aluminum frames. Movable do not need it, for their keeping other mechanisms are used.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team