Combination of wall-paper in the living room

Combination of wall-paper in the living room

Combination of wall-paper in interior of the living room is used for a long time and appreciated by most of designers giving to the room of originality and dynamism. The correct combinations of flowers allow to hide shortcomings, to allocate advantages and even to separate the living room into different zones.

Methods of combination

At combination of wall-paper it is necessary to involve all the imagination in the living room. The choice of shades has to be combined as much as possible with style of interior, color of furniture and also with the dominating tones of upholstery, curtains, oriental carpets and carpets. If the main destination of the living room is family holiday, then allocation of wall near sofa will become the ideal decision. Will watch not less advantageously combination of wall-paper in the living room with sofa of angular form, and bright accents will give to the room charm and stylishness. When choosing wall-paper for the living room it is not necessary to abuse the shouting drawings and aggressive tones.

If the living room is also used as the dining room and office, by means of combination of wall-paper of different structure and different color it is possible to separate it into functional zones easily. It is possible to accent recreation area at the expense of two vertical wallpaper inserts on wall on each side from sofa whereas wall-paper of contrast color (warm and solar) helps to allocate visually fireplace in the living room. At the narrow and extended living room the combination of wall-paper visually will broaden the room and will make it more square – for this purpose it is necessary to paste over with light shades end walls, and long – more dark and saturated colors. Part of free wall can be pasted over with contrast wall-paper, having created original space for pictures, photos or shelves.

Nuances of combination

Combination of wall-paper in the living room allows to improve significantly its decorative component, however at the same time it is important to follow some rules. For the low-ceilinged small room it is better to choose solar pastel coloring whereas cold shades of wall-paper make the big living room a little less and more strictly. At the same time black and violet shades will eat space, and the pastel color gamma quite often looks boringly and facelessly. Designers recommend to dilute monophonic wall-paper with bright colourful accents, without forgetting that they will shade furniture. Very popular way of combination of wall-paper is use of borders when the lower part of wall is done bright, and top – quieter. It is possible to apply monochrome combination to creation of cozy effect of play of light and shadow, and contrast strips of wall-paper will give to the living room uniqueness and originality. At the same time in normal apartments it is not recommended to combine more than two color schemes – otherwise it is possible to receive quite ridiculous and kitschy result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team