Comparison of the multicooker and double boiler

Comparison of the multicooker and double boiler

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Modern producers propose to hostesses many various solutions for simplification of life. So, for example, today there is huge number of the household appliances intended for faster and easy cleaning, simpler cooking, etc. However often many novelties in something duplicate themselves therefore women have question: and in what difference? So, for example, has happened to the multicooker and the double boiler.

Modern kitchen appliances are created to help the woman easily and to quickly cook healthy and tasty food. So, both the double boiler, and the multicooker operate by the similar principle: once you put in them necessary products, and further devices will cope with problem of preparation. Even it is not necessary to approach them during all process of preparation. Their main plus in what food in such devices does not burn. However question - what they differ from each other - regularly arises at various forums. And to buy that device which is really necessary it is necessary to understand this difference very accurately.


The multicooker - the device which has rich history. In spite of the fact that it has appeared rather recently, the multicooker conducts the history from risovarka. And this device is popular and known already long ago. The main difference of the multicooker from risovarka in what in it can be prepared anything - from meat to pies and even yogurt. And all this will be occurs in the automatic and programmed mode.

Key parameter which is important in the multicooker is its volume. So, for example, it can be 3 liters, and maybe 5-6. Necessary volume depends on needs of family and that for how many days the woman prepares. On average, as experts assure, good and optimum device volume in 4 liters is considered.

Except volume you look also at power. So, the device is more powerful, the quicker he will prepare. And it is still big economy of efforts and resources. 700-800 W - ideal limit.

In multicookers the most part of the modes is programmed. That is it is only enough to you to choose the preparation mode necessary for you - suppression, pastries, cooking, etc. Preparation time will be defined automatically agrees to the program put in the device. One more function which is very much loved by women is the postponed start. It allows to put products in the device, to expose time to which food has to be ready and further the hostess can be free.

As the option, can be in the multicooker the built-in timer. It also considerably saves time and strength of the woman and also allows to monitor preparation process that everything was in time.

Also in the multicooker the function of maintenance of heat which allows to support the prepared dish in hot state that it was possible to sit down and eat at once meets.

Double boiler

The double boiler as it becomes clear of the name, steams food. That is any roasting, suppression, etc. The pluses in it are - food turns out the most useful. Especially well such food is suitable for people to whom the strict and rigid diet is ordered. The main question which arises when choosing the double boiler - how many compartments at it have to be. So, for example, experts claim that for family of 4 people the volume not less than 3 liters with three compartments is the best of all to buy the double boiler. The more compartments, the more dishes can be prepared at the same time.

It is ideal if each compartment has the pallet. In this case juice and aromas from different dishes will not mix up in the course of preparation. It is also desirable that they were the deepest, then water will need to be drained less often.

Power in this device is also very important - the more it, the quicker there will be preparation. As for functionality, double boilers can also have built-in timer and the sensor of prevention that water was practically evaporated. Besides, to set with the double boiler often there are pallets for cooking of eggs or porridge.

Additional distinctions of the multicooker and double boiler

The number of distinctions which are between these two devices includes usefulness of dishes. So, the double boiler just cannot unhealthy prepare. And here the multicooker quite copes with this task - sometimes for any given food it is necessary to add oil, sauce, etc. that does not enter category of healthy food. Therefore it is very important to decide for himself that you want to prepare. Of course, these two devices considerably differ from each other at the price. The multicooker is a priori more expensive - and on average the cost of the multicooker can exceed three times the double boiler price. It is natural that device cost directly depends on manufacturing firm and functionality which the device possesses.

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