Conditioners Samsung – intelligent climatic devices

Conditioners Samsung – intelligent climatic devices

The range of conditioners in the market is so big now that sometimes it is not possible to make right choice. However there are goods whose producers enjoy special popularity. Conditioners Samsung is ideal option for creation of the necessary situation in the house. The buyer should not adapt to the climate established by the nature any more.

HD of 90% - new approach to air cleaning

If you have made the decision on purchase of the conditioner, then pay attention to products of the Korean firm Samsung. New representatives of model range of this firm possess significantly expanded set of opportunities. Conditioners of the KVV series are equipped with the special HD filter of 90% which is capable to delete more than 90% of the smallest firm particles from air. These devices are very convenient in service, they easily are established and act. It is enough to wash with flowing warm water to remove dirt, and the device is ready for operation again.

Biology on service of the air-cleaning equipment

Development of such systems of filtration of air for new generation of conditioners was conducted with direct participation of the Korean biologists to which development of the filter capable to delete various allergens from air has been charged. Scientists have brilliantly coped with objective – the conditioners equipped with new filters cope even with seasonal allergy.

As have shown tests, symptoms of allergy have disappeared at 90% of people. Tests were carried out indoors of 19 square meters. People got rid of allergic symptoms already 10 minutes later after turning on of the conditioner. But the Korean biologists were not satisfied with what has already been achieved, with their help the Virus Doctor system allowing to fight successfully against bacteria, fungi and viruses has been developed.

New generators of ions

The microplasma generators of ions capable to destroy harmful bacteria have begun to install on conditioners of Samsung in 2013. These devices have well proved. KVV conditioners are equipped with advanced generators which have received the name S-Plasma Ion. The basic novelty of the generator is that it will transform biological pollutions to water vapor that allows the KVV conditioner to cope with those types of air pollution before which other models are powerless easily. Besides successful fight against bacteria, the S-Plasma Ion generator which is a part of the system of Virus Doctor successfully resists to mold and dust pincers. Inclusion in design of the conditioner of the ionizer has been highly appreciated by consumers. Internal parts and cleaners of new conditioners become covered by ions silvering that gives to the air which is going out of the device, exclusive freshness.

Intellectual system of climate control

Conditioners Samsung are equipped with intelligent electronics. The Korean experts managed to create completely automatic system of microclimate. The Smart Inverter system is responsible for maintenance of temperature condition indoors.

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