Construction of houses from glued bar ""on a turn-key basis"

Construction of houses from glued bar ""on a turn-key basis"

New construction technologies allow to build residential buildings from the eco-friendly natural materials which have undergone special processing. Terms of construction are as a result reduced and its cost falls. The glued bar from which houses are leased to the "turnkey" customer belongs to such materials - come and live!

What is glued bar

It is unique construction material for which production wooden boards are used, but not just boards, and from trees of the coniferous breeds which have grown in northern forests and cut down in winter time. Such tree differs in the increased quality and resistance to external influences. It is connected with the fact that trees grow in northern areas much more slowly and their wood is much more dense, than at their fellows who have grown up in warmer areas. And the fact that the tree was cut in the winter when there is no sokodvizheniye in it also wood not damp from rains allows to receive material which further, at final drying, is almost not deformed and its fibers are not twisted.

At the drevoobrabatyvayushchy enterprises of log are dismissed on boards which go to final drying, and then are discarded with removal of the fragments having even insignificant defects. After that boards are spliced to standard length, between them the continuous layer of lamels keeps within. To glue ready bar, powerful hydraulic presses are used. Wood fibers of layer of lamels are perpendicular to fibers of boards that minimizes further change of the linear sizes of glued bar in use. For this reason, unlike log houses which shrinkage can last up to 8 years the houses can be made of glued bar "turnkey", without shrinkage which is only 1%, with all necessary utilities and fine finish. On completion phase the bar is profiled.

For production of glued bar pine and cedar boards are used. The composition of materials has to be specified in the certificate bar.

Advantages of houses from glued bar

Having conceived construction of country or country house, separate bath, you can choose for wall construction inexpensive and ecologically safe glued bar already for what you should not wait day for after they are constructed. You at once can begin to use them. This material has all merits of natural wood, he "breathes", has fine warm and sound-proof characteristics, but at the same time is more tamperproof, so, and is more durable.

As at construction of houses from glued bar the special load-lifting equipment is not required, the cost of construction jobs falls. It is rather light material therefore for the built building, whether it be the house, the dacha or bath, is not required the strengthened base that also reduces your material inputs. If you correctly choose the contractor for construction of the "turnkey" house having own production you will manage to save part of construction material and to spend much less bar.

How to choose the "correct" contractor

For a start interview friends and acquaintances who already had experience of similar construction, look at announcements in media and the Internet, read responses at forums. Make the list of the companies which will seem to you the most suitable, and ring round everyone. Except positive reviews and recommendations, availability of own production and division staffed with professional architects will be the greatest advantage for the contractor. It means that the company which is independently making glued bar is responsible for its quality and, moreover, is directly interested in it. As a rule, as confirmation to it serves the certificate of quality which to you will be surely shown, in case of its availability. The standard projects developed by its architectural bureau can significantly reduce the cost of design of your house as you can use already ready decision, and, if necessary, at the low price, to adapt it for own inquiries. And, the most important, having the ready project, you can order that amount of construction material which is necessary, neither it is more and nor less. To you will prepare and will saw bar in such a way that on construction site it will be necessary only to collect the house as the designer.

Force can construct wooden house of glued bar in any, without being limited traditional "a la ryuss", we exist set of ready architectural and design concepts, even in high-tech style.

What to pay attention by drawing up the contract to

To you as to the customer, it is necessary to understand accurately that you receive for the money. The "turnkey" term does not mean at all that to you will lease the house in which outer doors are only established even if and with locks and keys. This term assumes full readiness of residential building for accommodation: the roof, doors and windows are established, all utilities are laid. If you want the interior finish to have been made, it should be specified at stage of drawing up the contract to which the full list of works has to be attached. Correctly made contract will serve you as guarantee that no additional costs after completion of construction to you will be involved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team