Construction of the base for the house: drainage, warming, reinforcing

Construction of the base for the house: drainage, warming, reinforcing

The base is what construction of future house begins with. The most crucial moment consists in carrying out necessary calculations taking into account the bearing loading of future building. Also the level of freezing of the soil in the region and depth of underground waters is considered.

Ditch for the base

After carrying out all calculations dig out ditch. If the footing is continuous or monolithic, all soil in ditch should be strengthened in addition. As a rule, at first the excavator works at the site, then all level shovels and hold the relevant activities for strengthening.

Down ditch fill not less than 50 cm of gravel, carefully stamp everything. If the soil rather friable, in addition add the bank sand mixed with small crushed stone. Again carefully stamp everything.

Now it is a high time to start mounting of timbering. Now the timbering under the base can be bought ready. It folding and after completion of all works you will easily sort it and if necessary will be able to establish on the following construction object. In timbering build in prefabricated reinforcement cage. Its side pillars have to be carefully welded. Longitudinal armature can be fastened with special wire. Direct filling of the base begins after carrying out all preparatory work.

Warming of the base is guarantee that concrete will not be subject to temperature drops and destruction eventually.

You can flood the base under the house with the solution prepared independently or to buy necessary amount of solution already ready. To you he will be brought by ready-mix trucks, and you will be able to fill in all area of the base at once.

When to carry out drainage and warming of the base

The drainage is carried out when filling the base. Take care of scheduling on removal of melt and ground waters. At certain depth lay pipes with small bias towards ditches or hole. Around carefully stamp the soil with use of sand and crushed stone. On completion of construction around the base it is necessary to make casting of cement slurry.

When carrying out calculations before filling of the base invite professionals who will help to determine the level of groundwater occurrance and frost depth of the soil.

External and internal warming is spent along with works on warming constructed at home. Now the modern warming materials by means of which you without any problem will be able to carry out thorough warming are presented at the market of construction goods. Polyurethane foam or polystyrene – these materials are widely used during warming of the base. They possess warm; hydro-; sound-proof properties also allow to make thorough warming without application of additional waterproofing and also are rather available at the price.

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