Construction of the house from the VULTURE of panels: practical advice

Construction of the house from the VULTURE of panels: practical advice

Construction of houses from the VULTURE of panels has gained broad scope everywhere now. It is natural because their construction happens quickly, housing, inexpensive and comfortable for accommodation, turns out.

About the VULTURE panels and housing construction

Before laying out number of practical advice on construction of the house from the VULTURE of panels, we will find out, what is it. SIP sandwich panel (VULTURE) is the very rugged, three-layer construction consisting of two wooden plates of OSB-3 (OSP-3) between which under pressure the layer of dense expanded polystyrene is pasted.

Panels apply to production of low buildings, build cottages and multifamily houses of block type of them. The Canadian technology is applied to construction.

Houses from the VULTURE of panels are sound, have excellent thermal contour and high strength. The VULTURE (in SIP English - Structural Insulated Panel) means: "Constructional heat-insulated panel".

The panels facilitated are not necessary the powerful bases. Because of it assembly of the house can be carried out by forces of 3-4 people (one is engaged in cutting of panels). It is possible build the house from 2 weeks to 2 months, it does not need shrinkage. It can be constructed also frame. If to buy the prepared building set, and assembly will be executed by manufacturer – then it can be constructed even quicker.

Construction of the base and walls

The base superficial is recommended. We carry out inputs to the house of electricity, water and the sewerage before construction of the base. On projecting phase it is necessary to consider the sizes of panels (width of 1.25 meters) to reduce waste and labor costs of preparation (cutting) of panels. From panels it is convenient to make assembly of walls. We do overlappings traditional, we stack them on wood beams. It is important at the big flights having the size of 4 meters and more. Walls of the house are put up on overlappings. Length of panels is equal to height of future rooms (2.5 meters will be suitable for many). If higher ceilings are necessary, then use panels 2.8 meters long. Also it is necessary to consider that it is the best of all to carry out joint of panels at an angle the 90th hail. and the 180th hail. Internal walls and partitions of the house can be done of panels also. Thereof it is possible to simplify and accelerate assembly process. Walls isolate noise, turn out very strong, and after finishing by gypsum cardboard they will be also fireproof.

The panel possesses thermal insulation large-scale – many times more warmly than brick houses. Comfortable stay in the house is possible at outside temperature ranging from-50 hail. With to the +50th hail. Page.

Gypsum cardboard perfectly will be suitable for construction (HL, state treasury bills, GKLV). (In this case) we carry out its assembling on walls without profiles, with use of glue or self-tapping screws. Walls can be pasted over with wall-paper, to paint, etc. That construction was the fastest, it is better to build in the summer or in the winter. Rains and dirt can interfere with construction.

It is a little about roof, windows, ventilation and doors

The normal roof of rafters for the Canadian house is done only in case of construction of the attic. If under roof there is warm room (penthouse), then use of panels for the device of roof will be the rational decision because both the warmed roof, and ready furring for the roof device as a result turns out. At design of window openings it is possible to spend less money if to choose their dimensions as standard, but the small sizes. There are companies offering at the inexpensive price of the PVC window of some standard dimensions. The same concerns also doors. Them exists much – the choice for you. When assembling ventilation system it is necessary to consider possibility of formation of condensate. The taken measures for warming of ventilation pipes on the attic can not help. It is necessary to provide the system of removal of condensate in the sewerage. Here only part of councils for construction of the house. It is possible to find information in other sources in more detail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team