Copper and red in interior: how not to go too far

Copper and red in interior: how not to go too far

Solar juicy red shades of interior will even create heat and cosiness in the house in the winter. The copper and red color which is often used in design – expressional, saturated − approaches many styles. But it is important to observe measure, the interior oversaturated by bright shades causes irritation, tires.

Variety of copper and red shades in interior

Copper and red color has incorporated passion and energy red and steadiness of brown, is rich color palette: −густые shades brown with copper streaks;

−темно-медовый with reddish outflow; −цвет cognac;

−тёмная copper; −красное tree.

Designers love red color and its various variations and often choose it at registration of interiors. Copper tone are widely applied in dressing of surfaces of the room. You do not think of the life without bright impressions and emotions, copper and red your color.

Combination copper and red with other flowers and shades

Red color is used for creation of color spot. Stylish textiles, lamps, various panels of reddish shade look in interior. It is enough to install floor vase for creation of accent or to hang up regiments of color of ochre or terracotta.

Reddish coloring in the children's room will organically look, they will give it festive cheerful notes. Pillows, rugs or pieces of small furniture of bright coloring surely will be pleasant to children. Using copper and red color for dressing of the room, be not overzealous that it did not become tiresome. Keep in mind that reddish shades are self-sufficient, attract to themselves attention and quite strongly influence nervous system, exciting it therefore it is necessary to apply with care them in design of rooms. Not to receive the oversaturated interior, it is better to combine it is red - copper colors with neutral. For example, if you have room in beige tons, add bright spot, paste over one wall with "red" wall-paper. Put the sofa upholstered with skin of saturated copper color to the wall painted by gray paint. For registration of the bedroom are acceptable combination wine-red or chestnut with olive. Such combination gives the soft weakening atmosphere and as well as possible is suitable for rest. Not the last role in registration of interiors is played by tree and laminate. Cabinet furniture, floor, doors can be sustained in one or contrast color gamma. Laminate and doors of red shade are harmoniously combined with the tender muffled autumn flowers: brown, terracotta. Copper well looks with cold turquoise. If there is furniture of color of sweet cherry, cherry − light-turquoise walls to force to play it in a new way. Harmonious combination of flowers, correctly picked up shades − pledge of cosiness and comfort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team