Councils for cultivation of eggplants

Councils for cultivation of eggplants

Eggplants have value due to the qualities. Not each gardener can brag of big crop of eggplants. Therefore it is necessary to know the practical councils helping everyone to reap big crop of these vegetables.

The main shortcoming at cultivation of eggplants their abundant need in warmth at all stages of maturing is considered. The best collecting this culture is received in greenhouses, and at cultivation in the open ground it is necessary to choose the solar, windless, highly fertilized sites.

Landing of eggplants is made in boxes from 4 boards from above covered with the glazed frame. With growth vegetables gradually rise and when they begin to reach glass, it is necessary to raise frame on bars, and to leave boards on the place. On extent of growth of eggplants the frame needs to be raised several times that they continued the development "under roof".

For seedling the eggplants begin to sit down from February till beginning of March in boxes at air temperature about 22 wasps. Their placement to stage of formation of sprouts on windowsill on South side will be the best option.

The sword-play needs to be held to the period of formation of the first leaflets, having on one plant in pot after which temperature about 20 wasps is provided.

Planting of seedling is made in the 2-3rd decade of May at which provide between plants and between ranks distance in half-meter. Then carry out by peat and humus mulching, and then make their watering.

For the purpose of receiving eggplants of the big sizes it is necessary to shorten its stalks and side branches. After the second leaf over ovary carry out prishchipyvaniye, and branches without ovaries delete.

It is important to remember that inadmissibly too to humidify the soil under this culture, but also drying is also pernicious for plants. Therefore in stage of formation of fruits it is necessary to water them in time. It is necessary to introduce nitrogen and complex fertilizers under eggplants in stages of blossoming and formation of fruits.

At cultivation of eggplants "under roof" the crop can be reaped in the 2nd decade of August, and at this way it will be much higher, than at cultivation without protection.

The phytophthora at which all infected plants can die is considered serious disease of this culture. That is why creation of "roof" - quite effective way of protection of eggplants from infection with this disease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team