Country swing: types, installation, safety precautions

Country swing: types, installation, safety precautions

To put garden (country) swing – one of the easiest ways is cozier, more convenient to make the site. Types of country swing there is set today, they differ in form, functionality, quality, material of which are made.

Types of country swing

It is possible to buy country swing from plastic, tree or metal. At cost plastic, certainly, win before metal or wooden analogs, at the same time the quality, as a rule, at the high level – basis of framework is all the same made of metal. From advantages It should be noted the small weight of design and simplicity in service: it is easy to wash plastic swing, they do not rust and are not subject to rotting.

Metal are made, as a rule, of steel which becomes covered by the special protective layer protecting metal from rust. Designs of such swing have rather small weight, and often producers apply perforation to decrease in weight.

Unlike plastic or wooden analogs, metal swing is capable to bear blows and other mechanical influences, they can be collected and sorted repeatedly, for example, for transportation, and the design will not lose the durability. For this reason such swing is recommended for garden sites and holiday country houses. There is a lot of metal models, one of popular - swing beds or hammock.

Often swing becomes the central element of design of garden. They are decorated pillows and removable covers, arranged with small architectural compositions.

Effectively and beautifully wooden garden swing looks. But their cost is rather high, and material is whimsical. Before installation it is desirable to process wooden swing the special solutions protecting from rotting and wreckers, for the winter they need to be moved away to the dry, well aired room. However, and during use it is better to protect wooden swing from direct sunshine that the tree has not cracked, has not burned out in the sun.

Mounting of swing

Own preferences and financial opportunities, however will help to decide on material before swing is bought, it is necessary to resolve issue with their mounting. So, garden swing with legs is intended for installation only on firm and plain surface. Such designs will be suitable for terrace or verandah, and here on lawn it is not recommended to put them as over time legs will go to soil. It is possible to put on tile or the asphalted site, however do not neglect security measures: fix legs by brackets so that at loading the design did not go on site.

Pay attention if in the house there are children, you should not place swing near pools and ponds and also to establish on hard surfaces, give preferences to lawn.

Being going to establish swing permanently, counting on their year-round use, dig under hole legs, fill up gravel, stamp, put swing. In certain cases screwing up of legs of swing or arches will be appropriate to there is nobody the steady basis. It will give to design the maximum rigidity and safety. You have to be sure that swing will not turn over. When choosing swing for year-round use, you remember that some types of fabrics quickly burn out in the sun, and materials of which swing is made can deteriorate under the influence of moisture and loading from snow. It is better to remove swing for the winter period, or to cover them on storage time with special covers which are more convenient for doing on loops and ties. The arc support says that the design can be put in any the location, comfortable for you. Such swing chooses for the equipment of playgrounds. Arches have the big bearing of area, sharp ledges the basis is deprived. Such swing can be put also on sand, and just on the earth. The only serious minus – these designs demand the big area of mounting, besides is frequent they considerably massivny analogs on legs or technical runners.

Care for garden swing

For extension of term of operation the garden swing needs to be processed periodically, irrespective of material of which they are made. How to look after any given type of swing and also what structure for processing to choose, it is possible to learn from the instruction and from the seller of garden stock. Practically all designs (except for, perhaps, plastic) do not suffer moisture, and therefore over swing it is desirable to stretch tent. Two-three times a year will be required to perform maintenance inspection and to grease all loops, working knots. Metal swing can be painted, but only so that the dried-up paint has not affected mobility of elements. If the design is placed on sandy soil, two times a year it is necessary to sort mechanical part with nave to remove abrasive particles of sand which with ease can force swing to creak on all site. It will be necessary and to replace lubricant completely. It is periodically necessary to wash design, to erase covers and mattresses. Having correctly picked up and having competently established swing, you can not doubt that your giving will become more comfortable and cozier with such accessory as country swing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team