Crepe paper role in electrical wiring or whether it is possible to do without it?

Crepe paper role in electrical wiring or whether it is possible to do without it?

The modern electrical wiring, apparently, not too strongly differs from that that it was used in the 20th century. These are approximately the same wires from aluminum or copper in the isolating braid designed to supply inhabited or other rooms with electric current. At the same time progress does not stand still. Types and ways of laying of wires change, isolation improves.

Why crepe paper is necessary

Now most often wiring is laid in plastic crepe paper. It allows to compensate, first, the deformations of wires inevitable at shrinkage of the building and, secondly, to provide high-quality protection of wiring against any external influences, including mechanical damages, hits of steam and moisture. Besides crepe paper will protect from possible defeats by current of the workers who are carrying out finishing of rooms, for example, if they spill primer on wiring or will hook on it the palette.

In svezhepostroyenny owner-occupied dwellings the wiring needs to be stacked with extra care as the building shrinks. Crepe paper at the same time acts as additional factor of durability.

When in gaufre there is no need

At the same time crepe paper is not strictly obligatory part of electrical wiring and in certain cases it is possible to do without it easily. If laying of wiring is carried out in indents which will be then zashtukaturena, then nothing threatens wiring also without crepe paper, it will be reliably sealed in wall or ceiling.

In modern construction of corrugation it is used mainly in plasterboard walls if walls brick or concrete, put wiring in strob - the trench which is specially punched in wall.

Also the corrugation is not required if the cable with external isolation is laid. Such cable is calculated on severe operating conditions, often it can be laid out of rooms, and therefore it has the increased margin of safety. It can be put even in hollow walls and ceilings, without being afraid of gaps.

How still to protect wiring

At the same time when laying wiring in floor (especially wooden) or on attics it is better to use nevertheless crepe paper (and in the second case - strong pipe). Sometimes crepe paper replace plastic cable channel which, of course, concedes to it in respect of safety and convenience of laying a little, but too not bad protects wiring from mechanical damages. Besides it is nearly the only way of laying of new wiring in case repair of the room is not planned. The truth such way is suitable for premises because of not esthetic exterior a little.

At offices at impossibility for a long time to exempt the room from employees laying of wiring in cable channel - the fastest and accurate way of replacement of electrics.

Thus, use of crepe paper in electrics is in most cases preferable, but if strong fixing of wiring and high-quality isolation are provided, then it is possible to do also without it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team