Crimson interior - summer all the year round

Crimson interior - summer all the year round

This bright shade will add to any interior not only brightness, but also optimism, it at all of us is associated with summer.

Crimson color is not just special shade pink, it is great and easy way to create interior which will create good mood. But the interior of mainly crimson color will look the real lodge of big Barbie doll, the naive girl who does not know when to stop in the aspiration to be "princess". For this reason with crimson shade it is worth being very careful, not to go too far in its quantity in the room.

To dilute the easiest way crimson without prejudice to brightness – use white as the second basic color. The room in white and crimson will be more spacious, but at the same time bright, light, fresh.

But if someone does not want to go on the blazed, obvious way, it is worth trying more interesting combinations. For a start try to soften bright crimson color slightly. Crimson with drop gray (the muffled shade crimson or combination in two equal flowers – light gray and crimson) will become muffled, slightly thoughtful, but will not lose freshness.

If strongly to dilute paint of crimson color white, it will turn out pink very gentle shade which will not be associated with traditional "piggy-pink". Interestingly and naturally also the combination crimson with natural flowers - brown, beige, color of fresh grass looks.

And for those who are not afraid of experiments it is possible to advise to try to combine crimson with black, violet, lilac, various shades yellow, blue.

Helpful advice: if you are attracted by this bright juicy color, but you are afraid of radical experiments, try to use for a start it in house accessories – buy crimson curtains not of the brightest shade, sew in couple to them couple of crimson pillows thoughts on sofa, connect crimson plaid, lay fluffy crimson carpet with the whimsical beige and white drawing. You should not fill the room with large number crimson, there are enough two-three objects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team