Crop production for lazy – the most unpretentious representatives of house flora

Crop production for lazy – the most unpretentious representatives of house flora

The maintenance of ornamental plants in the city apartment does not demand any difficult skills and abilities.

By the nature it is conceived so that any living organism can adapt any, even the most adverse conditions, itself for the good. Especially brightly adaptive properties are shown at plants which are capable to do long time without sufficient lighting, fresh air and water.

What plants best of all adapt to adverse conditions?

Even without having knowledge of the professional plant breeder, it is possible to be engaged in successful cultivation of houseplants, the main thing is to choose the correct type of sapling. There is broad variety of types which perfectly are suitable for cultivation in the city apartment and that is important, do not require special care.

Representatives of family of succulents

Evergreen plants, most often long-term. Characteristic difference from other families is availability of juicy escapes which perfectly hold moisture. The desert is considered the homeland of succulents therefore they perfectly feel at bright lighting; are not afraid of direct sunshine; are capable to do without watering long. The most famous representatives of sheet succulents are: aloe, echeveria, kalanchoe, krassula (so-called "monetary tree"). From stem succulents cacti are the most known.

Agavovy plants

The most recognizable representative of this family is the yucca. The treelike plant which foliage does not fall down when changing season i.e. this representative of flora is evergreen. It is rather easy to raise and support Jukka in conditions of standard premises since natural conditions of its dwelling assume droughty and hot climate with small amount of precipitation.

Family of mulberry

The most known decorative branch of this family – ficoidal. It in the majority evergreen plants with the developed root system which can be as underground, and on surface, receiving microelements, necessary for growth, both from water, and from air masses. As house plants most often use rubber-bearing, lirovidny and dwarfish ficuses. It is the best of all to keep room ficus in the place with moderate lighting, avoiding hit of sunshine during the hot period. Other requirements to conditions of keeping quite moderate.

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