Cucumbers at the dacha: leaving during fructification

Cucumbers at the dacha: leaving during fructification

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Many summer residents mistakenly believe that during fructification it does not make sense to look after vegetable cultures any more. This next delusion. And especially it concerns cucumbers which, despite the seeming unpretentiousness, are very exacting to leaving even during maturing of fruits.

At cultivation of cucumbers it is necessary not to forget that this culture very much vlagolyubiva. To all other, its root system very weak is also located in top soil. For this reason even at the slightest incomplete filling the cucumbers begin to react to it at once. Their branches dry, and leaves turn yellow. In addition, the shortage of moisture leaves mark on tastes of fruits. In droughty and hot weather when the plant lacks moisture, the cucumbers begin to taste bitter. For this reason even during fructification the cucumbers need to be watered with enviable regularity! It is necessary to do it at least time in 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that for watering of cucumbers it is necessary to use only warm water, and even during strong heat. Cold water can provoke appearance of various diseases in plant.

It is impossible to forget during fructification of cucumbers and about fertilizing. It is necessary to do it each two weeks. For fertilizing it is necessary to use solution of chicken dung or manure – 1:20. It is possible to get in specialized shops of fertilizer, made on the basis of manure: Biud, Gumisol or "Gardener". When fertilizing it is necessary to avoid hit of solution of these fertilizers on plant leaves. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to form of cucumbers. On their appearance it is possible to judge lack of any given microelement. If the cucumber is by the form strongly similar to pear, it is sure sign of shortage of potassium. Then as fertilizing, solution of wood ashes – glass on water bucket can act. If the upper part of cucumbers is slightly narrowed, and their thin skin has brightened, then the plant lacks nitrogen. In this case feed up cucumbers urea – 10 grams on water bucket. It is natural how to look after cucumbers during fructification, each gardener solves. However main rules of leaving should be followed. Then the award in the form of abundant harvest will not keep you waiting long.

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