Cultivated flowers. Garden of continuous blossoming

Cultivated flowers. Garden of continuous blossoming

Flowers are marvelous gift of the nature, poets sing of their perfect beauty capable to awaken love and tenderness in heart. It is pleasant to admire flowers in garden, not the smaller pleasure is given by process of their cultivation.

The blossoming cultivated flowers

The world of flowers is various, correctly picked up plants will please all summer look, bringing to the blossoming esthetic pleasure. Compositions should be made of flowers so that the flower carpet was picturesque, but without excessive diversity and blossomed continuously.

Annual plants – petunias, salviya, marigold, balsams, tsiniya, asters will please with blossoming since June to frosts. Advantage of annual flowers is that they quickly grow, magnificently and long blossom. The guest from South America – salpiglossis vyemchaty is worthy attention. This bright, extraordinary beauty plant with the velvet large flowers reminding petunia in form. Grow up salpiglossis on the solar, protected from wind places.

For vertical gardening use lobelia, petunia, they blossom without interruption all summer and fall. From bright blue asterisks of lobelia Erinus will turn out remarkable border for bed. Lobelia will be good partner for salviya, matrikariya. Sweet pea, ipomeya, decorative haricot will decorate with themselves fence, gazebo.

Tall srezochny annual plants effectively look both in group, and in solo landings. Datura pleases with long blossoming and fills garden with wonderful aroma. Refined and a little sad beauty of chrysanthemums will create harmony in autumn garden.

Cultivated flowers perennials

Do not concede violence of paints to the one-year relatives perennial plants. They can be grown up on one place within several years, care for them consists in scarification, timely waterings. Thanks to variety of the range it is possible to make compositions of different forms and coloring.

The unconditional queen among perennials is the rose. There will be flowers capable to equal with it on variety of forms, richness of color palette, delicate aroma a little. They are used in different landings, combined with other plants or create gardens only from roses.

In the spring as soon as warms the sun, fragile, gentle primroses – lilies of the valley, crocuses, narcissuses appear. At the beginning of summer, daylilies blossom, they reckon set, differ on coloring, create beautiful compositions in group landings, miksborder.

The peonies dressed in magnificent bright red, white, pink covers perfectly look in garden. Bright fragrant flowers of phloxes please with violence of blossoming from the middle of July to frosts. Srezochny, plant 50-150 cm high.

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