Cultivation of columnar apple-trees

Cultivation of columnar apple-trees

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The columnar apple-tree has small-sized krone, takes a little place in garden, besides, does not demand cutting. The compact tree by fall is covered with fruits. It is necessary to consider that the term of fructification of such apple-trees no more than 15 years. The first columnar apple-trees have appeared in Canada more half a century back. In 1972 the first hybrids have been grown up in Russia.

Despite external simplicity of such tree, strict observance of agrotechnology is necessary. Otherwise all efforts will be futile, and just it does not make sense to be engaged in this species of apple-trees. Upon purchase of saplings it is important to provide comfortable conditions for plant roots in the course of transportation. It is impossible to assume that the root system has dried up. For purchase the most optimal variant are annual saplings. They adapt to change easier and quicker take root. After landing the columnar apple-tree demands abundant watering.

When forming garden the fact that columnar apple-trees well transfer the condensed landing is considered. The recommended interval between apple-trees is desirable 30-40 cm among, and row-spacings from 1 to 2.5 meters. During vegetation of apple-tree need triple fertilizing by urea. Fertilizing is for the first time made after emergence of leaves. Medicine calculation: on bucket of 10 liters — 50 grams of urea, on one plant 2 liters of fertilizing are required. The second fertilizing follows 14 days later from the first; the third - later the same period after the second. Apple-trees demand regular watering.

Cutting of columnar apple-trees, as a rule, is not made. It is possible only in case of podmerzaniye of top kidney or damage by her garden wreckers. If the top kidney has frozen slightly, two new escapes appear. One, weaker, is subject to cutting. Columnar apple-trees can decorate garden of nearly 50 years, but in the first 15 years of fructification of kolchatka in the lower part begin to dry out, the productivity falls, and soon plants are subject to replacement.

It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to introduce organic fertilizers in landing hole at the time of landing at all. The hole should be prepared in advance. For this purpose compost or humus will approach, there will be 3-4 kg enough. on one landing hole. For the help in rooting of plant it is possible to use heteroauxin solution. There is large number of grades of columnar apple-trees. Besides, they can differ with height. There are types dwarfish, semi-dwarfish and strongly tall. Height of plants fluctuates from 1 to 2 meters.

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