Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony

Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony

There is a wish for fresh and crispy cucumbers, but there is neither garden, nor kitchen garden? Be not upset! Your balcony will become the great place for this purpose.

It is required to you

  • - seeds of cucumbers self-pollinated;
  • - tanks, with a capacity of 5 - 7 liters;
  • - soil


1. At the end of April get self-pollinated seeds of cucumbers. For example, "Gherkin", Gerd, "Amicable family", etc. Give preference early and so-so to early grades.

2. Buy soil for your seedling. Any vegetable soil will approach. Also it is called universal. If desired you can pave the way for crops of seeds of cucumbers independently. Calculate components of your soil on condition that it 5 - 6 liters on one plant are necessary. So, in equal quantities mix soil from kitchen garden, peat and humus. Add one tablespoon of superphosphate. Your soil is ready.

3. At the beginning of May, on condition of the established warm weather of 24 - 26 degree centigrades, prepare damp rag and wrap in it seeds of cucumbers. In 10 - 12 hours you will see small boring. It means that seeds are ready to landing in soil.

4. Fill your tanks with the way paved in advance at the rate of 5 - 6 liters of soil on one plant. Humidify the soil with warm water. Make deepening of 1 - 2 cm. Place in each deepening on one cucumber sunflower seed. Powder with the earth.

5. After on your plants there are 12 - 15 leaflets, it is necessary to establish support. For this purpose on the balcony on the one hand on another pull twine, linen cord or wire.

6. In the capacity of each plant establish wooden stick, without damaging roots. Accurately and not hardly connect by rope stick with plant stalk.

7. Begin to twist rope around plant. Tie it to the wire tense in advance or twine. Now your plants will not fall. Good to you harvest!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team