Cultivation of Manchurian nut: landing and leaving

Cultivation of Manchurian nut: landing and leaving

Nut Manchurian – magnificent tree which is used as as an alternative to whimsical walnut in severe Siberian climate, but also as decorative accessory of personal plot. Grows in height to 10-25 m, it is beautiful dense sprawling krone, has high productivity of fruits. Phytoncides and bactericidal substance yuglon, allocated by foliage of nut tree, are not taken out by blood-sicking insects and also these substances save air from parts of dust and disinfect air. How to look after Manchurian nut?

The majestic fruit-tree with sprawling branches and dense juicy krone will esthetically create any decorative corners on sites, especially if for creation of garden design to alternate it when landing near coniferous, against the background of short-haired dense lawn. And still Manchurian nut has the mass of properties, useful to health:

  • fresh leaves as plantain, press to open wounds for disinfecting
  • broth of fresh foliage promotes treatment at digestive tract disease, inflammation of gums and from is flexible feet (to submerge legs in broth for 30 minutes several days in a row)
  • kernels of nuts contain set of vitamins, 50% of polyunsaturated fats (are used in the raw)

Landing of Manchurian nut

Saplings cannot almost be replaced without loss therefore for sapling of Manchurian nut it is necessary to choose the final place of landing at once. Nuts love solar places, reach for the sky if there is no shadow. Landing to lowlands, however only on rich with minerals, the greasy soil is allowed. The root at tree is very deeply and widely scattered therefore it is better to plant tree far away from the base of the house and other buildings.

It is necessary to plant sapling or in the early spring (at the beginning of April), or in September. Dig pole in depth on 100 cm and in width from 50 cm. As drainage the chipped brick or filling brick will approach. Then there is earth layer on drainage and landing mix (in case of poverty of the soil). To fill up hole with sapling earth mix with humus and sand. It is recommended to add fertilizer phosphate and potassium, wood ashes (from 1 glass).

Usually 2-year saplings sit down, after landing at once they should be tied to peg. Before charge of soil mix in hole on root to pour in water bucket. Then to pour the earth, to carefully trample down it and to fill in one more bucket. Around trunk to scatter mix of peat and sawdust, compost.

Saplings for the winter for preservation should be warmed. At young Manchurian nuts the tips of branches quite often are frosted over. To wrap trunk in grid from mice and rats. The grid needs to be prikopat to the earth and to pritoptat properly.

Reproduction of tree and in a different way — seeds is possible. For this purpose choose the best nuts of tree of 1-2 years' storage. It is possible to sit down them either in the spring, or in the fall. It is necessary to know that Manchurian nut does not suffer the sour earth therefore when landing it is necessary to powder hole with wood ashes. Pole depth - from 6 to 10 cm. Before landing it is desirable to moisten nut with kerosene that it seemed unpleasant for mice. In the spring under favorable conditions well watered fruits will give powerful sprout.

Care for tree

At change on the constant place of sapling it is necessary to maintain initial orientation of tree in relation to parts of the world. So it will quicker take root and will get stronger. The plant very much loves moisture and frequent waterings. The soil at young tree has to be always watered. Regular watering is 3-4 once a month, but not before formation of pool, without flooding. By third year it is necessary to water less often – up to 1-2 times a month.

After the fourth year the plant pours down only once a month. The damp soil at roots should be loosened. At such leaving for the fourth year, Manchurian nut blossoms and enters fructification stage edible nutlets.

In the first years of growth the regular fertilizing by phosphorus-potassium fertilizer – once during the summer is recommended. It is desirable to pour at the roots on all diameter on shovel of wood ashes, it will allow culture to develop and form beautiful krone correctly.

Trees perfectly take out dry and easy floodings. For prevention of burns the trunk needs to be podbelivat lime with clay.

One more important point of care for Manchurian nut – cutting of krone. In practice artificial forming of top is not required to nut. It is capable to grow up roundish and very equal krone. However it is necessary to cut the dried-up and too curve branches nevertheless. And if nut grows on the small site, then not to do without cutting of all krone, it is necessary to give the chance to grow also to cultures adjoining to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team