Cultivation of onions

Cultivation of onions

Onions – one of the most unpretentious plants. It perfectly grows practically in any climate. To grow up onions on personal plot any serious skills are not necessary – important only to follow the basic rules.

Preparation for jumping of onions

Onions can be grown up in two ways – by means of seeds or from sevka. Pilferers are small lukovichka up to 3 cm in the diameter. It is possible to grow up pilferers and independently from seeds – it will take one year, or to get ready in shop. At the seeming simplicity of purchase of ready sevk most often gardeners prefer to land onions from seeds. It is simpler to find the necessary grade of onions in seeds, than already in germinated look. For example, the onions are grown up more often from sevka.

Where to land onions – the choice of the site

It is better to grow up onions on well lit sites as this culture is very dependent on sunlight. The bed has to be open and well blown. It is better to choose the site far from lowlands and also from the area where underground waters lie.

As onions need the soil enriched with organic fertilizers, it is the best of all to land when choosing the place onions where potatoes, cucumbers or cabbage grew.

In the choice of neighbors onions are unpretentious. It will well grow near root crops – carrots, garden radish and beet. In the open ground, onions perfectly get on with cucumbers. From greens spinach, fennel and parsley can be neighbors of onions.

It is strictly forbidden to land onions on the same place where it grew the previous year. These sites of the soil have already given all necessary nutrients to the reaped crop and also can hide under themselves wreckers. Repeatedly onions can be landed on the same site only in four years after harvesting.

Preparation of the soil

At cultivation of onions it is important to remember that this culture needs well prepared earth. The soil has to be friable and well fertilized.

Better to decide even in the fall on the site where onions will land and to carefully dig up it on depth about 20 cm. Ideal fertilizer for onions – the rerotting manure. It is better not to use fresh due to risk of impurity of seeds of weeds of which onions very much are afraid.

In the spring before crops the soil is well loosened so that base layers remained unaffected – in them moisture, necessary for juicy bulbs, has to remain.

It is more convenient to do beds for onions narrow that it was easier to look after them.

Jumping of onions

When using purchased sevk before jumping it needs to be dried and also to process in weak solution of potassium permanganate.  

Luk in seeds or sevky land at distance of 2-2.5 cm from each other and on 2 cm in depth. After the soil it is necessary to water and press from above the earth.

From above the bed is mulched powdered) with sawdust and covered with dark film to detain moisture.


In two weeks after landing, onions need to be fertilized. Best of all for this purpose dung water approaches.

At emergence of the first leaves the watering is done to more intensive that greens were juicy and bright.

As soon as bulbs were formed volumes of watering reduce that large amount of the absorbed moisture has not negatively affected stored vegetable. This period comes approximately in the middle of July. In 2 weeks prior to harvesting the waterings need to be stopped.  


Sign that the crop can be reaped is subsidence of leaves or their yellowing. Depending on climate the collecting can be carried out since the end of July to the middle of September. For this purpose bulbs accurately take out from the earth and dry. If weather allows, it is possible to do it directly under the open sky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team