Cultivation of strawberry on windowsill

Cultivation of strawberry on windowsill

Strawberry — the most summer, most popular berry. For many people it the most favourite, sweet and tasty. And they tell it only about that that grows on seasonal dachas. They do not take store, import strawberry (and often correctly do).

All know that the grown-up by the hands, garden, "real" strawberry is more tasty and more useful than that that it is stuffed with chemicals, it is greased with wax and grown up in hotbed. What to do if there is no garden or the site, and fresh strawberry wants to be grown up well very much? If there is a wish — it is necessary to look for exit and to implement the idea! And exit is, and it is not too difficult. It appears, it is possible to grow up strawberry and on windowsill. And it is not much more difficult to make it, than on six hundred parts.

Before beginning to give to the thoughts realistic look and material form, it is necessary to make the action plan.

For a start it is necessary to get 5 liter bottle. At it it is necessary to cut off upper part (neck and about three-four more centimeters from top). This place where the main initial works will be conducted. Then somewhere it is worth finding plastic tube. Diameter of tube has to be not less than two-three centimeters. It has to be average length and over edge of bottle to tower somewhere on four-five centimeters. And directly plants and also the land bought in specialized shop and ashes as fertilizer. 

In plastic tube the soldering iron needs accurately (!) to be made equal openings. Having receded from edge two centimeters, it is necessary to do holes through equal intervals (about two centimeters too), without reaching the opposite edge of centimeters five. This future means of watering. In the most plastic bottle the same soldering iron it is necessary to make openings too (at the height about four centimeters from bottom). The soil needs to be mixed with ashes, to oxygenate, actively mixing.

Seedling should be saved from that soil in which it grew in shop (to wash out). On the center of bottom of bottle the tube is placed and it is powdered with the earth. And to this earth, pushed through openings in bottle, clean plants, small bushes of strawberry are planted. 

Such house "klubnichnitsa" made of plastic 5 liter bottle — ideal option for narrow windowsill. And in the modern apartment only such also happen. Thanks to vertical form and small diameter of bottom, there is opportunity to turn seedling depending on position of the sun evenly, as they say, "after the sun". Unlike classical boxes which can be substituted sunlight only two parties parallel each other such option is most convenient and rational.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team