Cultivation of wild strawberry from seeds

Cultivation of wild strawberry from seeds

Achieving beneficial effect at cultivation of remontant wild strawberry from seeds, it is necessary to observe the correct agrotechnology.


1. Wild strawberry: one of favourite delicacies. With approach of summer season we look forward to the period of maturing of these tasty and fragrant berries. There is huge variety of the grades of wild strawberry differing in the tastes, on the term of maturing and mass of fruit. The most available and interesting way of cultivation of various grades is selection and crops of seeds of wild strawberry. Seeds make multiple copies remontant grades of wild strawberry garden. Sowing material very small and for this reason the seeds ascend long, and seedlings develop slowly. Crops of seeds of remontant wild strawberry in early term will accelerate maturing process, and you receive tasty berries in the first year of landing.

2. We start crops of seeds of wild strawberry in February. We prepare the soil: We mix 5 parts of humus with 3 parts of bank, clean sand. We warm up ready mix for disinfecting 3-4 hours at high temperature. Purchased soil mix will be suitable for seedling. We fill flat dishes, with drainage holes, the soil. From above pillow (1-1.5sm) from snow. Over snow we sow tripping berries at distance of 2 cm. Seeds dark and on snow well appear rows of evenly sowed seeds. At warm microclimate indoors snow thaws, and together with it seeds successfully "are involved in soil on the required depth. It is impossible to sow small seeds of wild strawberry in grooves and furthermore to cover with earth. Seeds scatter on slightly condensed soil and irrigate from spray without washing away the soil. The container with crops is covered with glass and move in the warm room, with air temperature 20-22 degrees. Once a day we discover glass for airing of crops and attentively we look through shoots. At the first emergence of sprouts, we remove glass and we expose containers with seedling to lighter room with the air temperature of 15-17 degrees. In most cases the additional dosvechivaniye of shoots is required. Fall of temperature and bright light will prevent pulling of sprouts and rotting of root neck. We water with dispersion method from spray. The surface of the soil should not dry up

3. Strawberry seedling grows up, and the first real leaflets begin to appear, we start to sword-play in separate pots. Carefully we take out plant, we shorten the central root on 1/3 part and we replace in the prepared pots. Throughout the entire period of cultivation of seedling we support the soil in moderately damp state, we carry out several fertilizing with frequency of 10-14 days. Wild strawberry seedling after the sword-play grows approximately 6-7nedel, during growth we carry out hardenings. During hardening of seedling with carrying out on fresh air the sprouts adapt to bright sunlight and the drying-up wind with lower air temperature. By the time of disembarkation to the open ground, seedling has to get stronger, become tempered. After disembarkation, young landings, it is necessary to pritenit ukryvny material.

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