Currant – conditions of cultivation and leaving

Currant – conditions of cultivation and leaving

Currant — the fruit bush plant very popular with our gardeners. Almost on each personal plot it is possible to see these remarkable vitamin bushes. There are many types and currant grades. In northern latitudes two types of currant are most popular: black and red.

Currant — sweet grapes of northern latitudes

Fruits of currant are so popular and tasty that this berry is grown up not only on private farmsteads, but also in production scales. From currant cook jam, jellies, compotes cook tinctures. It is also demanded in pharmacology

  It is absolutely simple to part currant at itself in garden. The main thing is correct to choose time for landing and planting stock. It is possible to plant bush at once, and it is possible germinated young escape from adult bush. And this escape in several years can strongly surprise with sprawling branches and abundant fructification.

Requirements to the place of landing of bush

Currant perennial plant. The place for landing of future plantation needs to be chosen very carefully. Blackcurrant though is thermophilic, but  does not love heat. The place for landing should be chosen it that during summer midday heat the berry bush was in shadow. It belongs to blackcurrant. Red currant of heat is not afraid. It is possible to plant currant in the early spring, kidneys were not dismissed yet. But it is better to do it in the fall, in the middle of October.

Preparation of the earth

For landing of bush it is necessary to choose the place and to slowly consider all subtleties of future berry-picker. First of all it is necessary to dig up carefully the earth on the place of landing. Then to introduce necessary fertilizers. Depth of landing hole has to be such size that to the root system of bush of currant it was spacious. After landing of young sapling, it properly needs to be prikopat, well to water and powder with peat layer in order that it was warmer to backs of future berry bush to winter. The first two years, depending on frosts, can be covered currant saplings with fir-tree claws for protection against destruction by frost. When hard frosts recede, and approach of spring of claw will be felt it is possible to remove.

Spring care for currant

In the spring if to currant bush several years, to it it is necessary to pay attention. It is necessary to cut off the old, frozen slightly and sick branches. To scavenge around bush accumulated after winters. To accurately podrykhlit the earth. To bring all fertilizers, necessary for this species of plant. It is necessary to dig through around bush superficial groove for future waterings. Processing by chemical means from insects of wreckers is also necessary.

Summer currant

With approach of the hot summer period it is abundant it is watered and we loosen the earth around currant bush. Collecting ripe, sweet or not really, fruits quite pleasant occupation. If on care for this culture everything has been made correctly, then you are waited by rich harvest which can be prepared for cold and long winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team