Curtains as decorative element

Curtains as decorative element

At first sight can seem that curtains are only small part which creates intimacy indoors and protects the room from bright sunshine. However without them it is impossible to imagine modern interior. Curtains improve and recover the room, creating the atmosphere of cosiness, comfort and heat.

1. The color and texture of curtains needs to be selected individually under design of the room. Besides, you need to decide what result you want to achieve. For example, yellow and orange colors will fill the room with heat and sunlight. Black, dark blue and burgundy will create night among day and will add to severity interior. Blue, green and pink curtains will be suitable for the children's room. Blue shades will help to focus on work, and violet will add mysteriousness and uncertainty.

2. The choice of suitable curtains will depend in many respects on interior components. For example, if the room is issued in classic style with aristocratic elements, the Austrian or French curtains will approach. Such products will surely draw attention to themselves, the window will look gracefully and solemnly. Curtains of such plan, as a rule, magnificent with smoothly falling draperies and folds on all length of product.

3. It is necessary to choose curtains depending on assignment of interior. Curtains for the sleeping and living room have to be more democratic. Fabric for them has to be dense and lightproof that the sun did not disturb you during sleep. In kitchen it is possible to hang up laconic curtains of average length and quiet neutral tones. Material has to be resistant to dirt and fat. Curtains with animation heroes, bright drawings or flower print will be suitable for the children's room.

4. It is the best of all to get two sets of curtains at once. You will use some in the summer, others in the winter. Summer curtains have to be easy and playful, they can be hung up after snow thaws. In winter season use more dense portieres and curtains which will cover your house from bad weather.

5. For celebrations, such as Christmas or New year choose short curtains which will not close completely window. If you are not going to decorate window with snowflakes and to put Christmas jewelry on windowsill, can choose transparent tulle.

6. When choosing curtains for small rooms pay attention to rolled and Roman curtains of light tones. They are simple and laconic, besides will look after such furniture of windows rather easily. It is possible to regulate them manually or by means of the special automatic mechanism. And from ruche and asymmetric patterns it is better to refuse.

7. To curtains it is possible to pick up various elements of decor and accessories. At the same time be guided by design of the general room and situation in the house. Do not forget about sense of proportion, do not go too far in jewelry and decor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team