Cutting of grapes in the spring: step-by-step instruction

Cutting of grapes in the spring: step-by-step instruction

Cutting of grapes should be made in the spring or at once with approach of warm days, or during swelling of kidneys. Early cutting at the same time is considered more preferable. Anyway it is necessary to execute cleaning of bushes of this culture until the end of April. Otherwise rods can ache because of dehydration.

It is required to you

  • - sharp secateurs;
  • - garden knife;
  • - saw with small cloves.


1. Keep in mind that cut off at this time generally only winter-hardy neukryvny grades. For a start attentively examine such bushes.

2. Remove from bushes with saw all oldest thick rods. In such died-off escapes usually any more there is no sokodvizheniye and consequently also the cut on them has not yellow or greenish, but brown color.

3. At scrap of old escapes be more attentive. At first do trial sawn-off shotgun on the end of escape. If the cut is green, leave rod on the place. Do not cut off it even in case it looks dry. On such escapes the new young branches capable to yield harvest are formed a bit later.

4. Cutting of grapes often leads in the spring to the fact that in bushes there are not too esthetic "bald heads". That it did not occur, send to those places where once there were remote old dried-up rods, along lanes on one young fruitful escape.

5. Remove from bushes with use of secateurs as well very small, thin and short escapes. Such branches only take away nutrients from plant and at the same time have no impact on forming of harvest. Clean the wounds remaining on rods garden knife. It will accelerate their healing.

6. Cut off the young escapes everything frozen, begun to rot and dried up last year. Leave the others untouched. On them in the current season the harvest will be formed.

7. Improve a little and rejuvenate your grapes. For this purpose cut off the young escapes left at the previous stage untouched so that on each of them there were no more than 4-5 kidneys. Cut off each rod about 2 cm higher than extreme kidney, smoothing out wounds knife.

8. Next day after cutting of grapes miss the mark all wounds with special mastic. It will accelerate healing of fabrics and to prevent development of various diseases.

9. At the final stage examine bushes again. Cut off the low-quality escapes which have remained unnoticed in the first day. Also correct in need of garter of old viable branches on lanes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team