Cyclamen: cultivation and maintenance

Cyclamen: cultivation and maintenance

The cyclamen is unusually beautiful houseplant which pleases the owners with bright blossoming. The popularity of cyclamen over the years only increases, most of flower growers try to get this plant and to decorate with it the dwelling. The cyclamen, as well as any other plant, demands special care.

Care for cyclamen

Cyclamens prefer to grow in the shaded places therefore it is necessary to arrange pot with plant far away from direct sunshine and in well aired place. The most suitable temperature for cultivation of cyclamens – 10-18os in the afternoon, 6-8os – at night. Leaves and flowers of this houseplant quickly fade at more high temperature of air. Therefore try to hold flower as it is possible further from devices of heating and sources of heat.

Do not fill in plant with water at all. To avoid rotting of tubers because of water surplus, it is recommended to humidify the soil as follows: submerge pot with cyclamen on 2-3 centimeters in pallet with water, leave for half an hour. The flower during this time will absorb in itself the necessary amount of moisture. Water has to be otstoyanny, room temperature. It is very important that water has not got to the flower socket. During dormant period it is necessary to water cyclamen less often, and at resumption of the vegetative period the frequent watering is recommended. Provide plant with the cool and aired environment.

In warm season put pot with flower on pallet with sphagnum or wet pebble, providing the increased humidity. Do not spray flower at all, it is possible to moisten air by means of spraying of water from spray around plant. Feed up cyclamen any complex fertilizers once in two weeks throughout all vegetative period.

Change of cyclamen

It is recommended to replace cyclamen once a year at once after dormant period. It is necessary to replace the soil completely. Accurately take plant from pot, shake the old earth, remove the old and decayed roots. Before landing lower tuber in weak solution of permanganate of potassium for 15-20 minutes. The pot for this flower can be taken any, the main thing – availability of drain hole. Fill on pot bottom layer of good drainage in the form of haydite or pieces of polyfoam. Fill in pot the soil consisting of one part of peat, two parts of the sheet earth, one part of bank sand and one part of humus. Put tuber in pot and fill up it with the soil on two thirds. It is abundant water with warm water and put in well aired and lit place.


The most frequent way of reproduction of cyclamen – division of tuber. It is allowed to do it at the moment of rest of plant. It is possible to divide tuber in case on tuber several points of growth are created. It is necessary to do it by means of knife, on each half there has to be at least one point of growth. After that slightly dry cuts or fill up with ashes. It is possible to make multiple copies cyclamen seeds which are bought in specialized shops.

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