Day make-up: eyes and lips

Day make-up: eyes and lips

condition when drawing make-up is the clean, well moisturized skin. For this purpose it is necessary to put the moisturizing cream on face. Use the masking and adjusting means if at skin noticeable shortcomings (pimples, enlarged pores).

Too bright shades are excluded. It is better to choose color of shadows to match your eyes. Universal shadows roll brown and beige, they are combined with any color of eyes. Do not use shadow with nacre for day make-up, it will look not appropriate. For day make-up it is better not to use eyeliner. Expressiveness to eyes will betray pencil which will match on color of shadows. Visually to increase eyes use silver or gray pencil. Shade pencil border, and it will look more naturally. The make-up has property to roll down and be smeared. That it has not occurred, apply light powder on eyelids. 

The last stroke is putting ink. That eyelashes looked volume, apply ink on tips of eyelashes, and then and on all length. After putting ink comb cilia brush. You should not tint eyelashes during the day, she will lay down lumps. For day make-up use moisture resistant ink.

Lipstick is divided into several types: resistant opaque, translucent, brilliant and lip gloss. Resistant lipstick. Such lipstick long keeps, it is soiled erased at meal time. Opaque. Has the huge choice of natural shades. Well humidifies cubes. Shining – has the smoothing effect. Has light texture. Lip gloss – it gives effect of shine. It it is good to lay down on lips thanks to the light texture. At gel gloss dense texture which does not spread over time and does not stick. Lipstick and gloss of neutral shades well will be suitable for day make-up. In order that lipstick has longer held on on lips it is necessary to prepare the surface of lips. If to put liquid foundation on lips, then she will solve this problem. For giving to lips of expressiveness make inking pencil in shape of lips. The pencil should be chosen under color of lipstick. After putting lipstick on lips they should be got wet with napkin to remove surplus of lipstick. That lips always looked beautifully and seductively surely put the moistening means. They will help to keep lips from peresushivaniye and influence of ultraviolet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team