Decorative bulk 3D floors

Decorative bulk 3D floors

Bulk floor is special type of tie with use of the special self-leveled mixes. Decorative bulk 3D floors began to enjoy special popularity in interior design of inhabited and commercial rooms recently. The live picture looks very effectively, creating illusion of full volume.

Bulk 3D floors are polymeric filling over which the three-dimensional image is applied. After final hardening such floor covering turns into the real art object, and the 3D effect is reached due to visibility of the put drawing in volume.

There are two types of bulk floors:

1.      The fast-hardening cement screed used as basis for any floor coverings (linoleum, tile, laminate, parquet, etc.);

2.      Polymeric finishing covering which also is subsequently bulk floor.

Production of bulk 3D floors is rather labor-intensive process consisting of several stages. At first it is necessary to prepare surface, having cleaned it from the accumulated dust, glue, buttered spots and any other substances which can weaken coupling of mix with basis. If the surface of floor has cracks, then they are filled in with epoxy resin. Further floor is processed by primer and glued with fiber glass fabric. The prepared basis is filled in with polymeric covering with the drawing, then to it allow to dry and cover all space with double varnish coat. Bulk floor very long dries – this process takes about 6-8 days then incredibly strong surface not subject to negative impact of water and sunshine is formed.

Production of bulk 3D floors is the very long and labor-intensive process demanding special knowledge, professional skills and observance of special conditions. For this reason experts do not recommend to undertake this business independently, if to make something not so, then on floor bubbles, roughnesses and cracks can be formed.

For creation of the three-dimensional drawing on floor covering works of artists which work in this original direction are used. It is possible to make the volume image on any, even very big surface.

Bulk floor can be used practically in any rooms – the industrial enterprises, offices and apartments. The image can also be any and depends only on style of interior and personal flavoring preferences of the buyer.

Bulk 3D floor is not only original design decision, but also ideally equal, durable and strong floor covering. It is possible to carry rather high cost which is caused by labor input of its production and duration of this process to shortcomings of such floor. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team