Decorative kitchen garden at the dacha: mode, advantage and esthetics

Decorative kitchen garden at the dacha: mode, advantage and esthetics

Owners seek to make the small seasonal dacha as much as possible beautiful and unusual. Garden beds can become design element too, without ceasing to please with abundant harvest. That the kitchen garden looked beautifully, it is necessary to select correctly cultures and it is reasonable to organize space taking into account landscape.

Decorative kitchen garden at the dacha: why it is necessary

The main difference of decorative kitchen garden from normal – esthetics prevalence over functionality. Beds in the form of sectors of circle, strips, rectangles or hills place in the thought-over order, make out borders, raise on pedestals or terraces. They become full-fledged element of registration of the site, with success replacing krasivotsvetushchy and dekorativnolistvenny plants.

At the same time owners try to place in culture kitchen garden which will be used in food. Most often on decorative beds land fast-growing spicy greens and also dwarfish grades of vegetables: tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplants, squash, pumpkins. Very effectively different grades of cabbage look, it is possible to enter potatoes bushes with beautiful white, pink, violet colors in registration. On kitchen garden put also ampelous forms of plants: tomatoes, strawberry, beans, sweet peas, haricot. It is important to choose the cultures which are not needing hothouse conditions and well transferring each other neighbourhood.

The organizations of kitchen garden governed

The modern decorative kitchen garden can have the different forms. Everything depends on location of the site, its relief, the general style and, of course, personal taste of the owner. Correctly planned beds not only attractively look, it is much more convenient to look after them. Landscape designers allocate the following options of arrangement of beds:

  • sectoral;
  • terrace;
  • rectangular;
  • turbinal;
  • in the form of beds or Alpine hills.

Some owners prefer to plant plants by types. For example, different types of salad very effectively look nearby. On one bed it is possible to place curly endiviya, frieze, iceberg, lettuce, dubolistny and krasnolistny salads, romanno and other grades. Stands nearby to plant other undersized spicy herbs: thyme, thyme, rosemary, curly mint, melissa, green and violet basil, oregano, cucumber grass. Such beds not only effectively look, but also very pleasantly smell.

Spicy herbs can be planted also as border. They beautifully frame more tall vegetables, at the same time frightening off wreckers. On beds land not only vegetables, but also flowers. For example, the bright yellow and orange nasturtium not only decorates kitchen garden, but also serves as tasty additive in salads and garnishes.

That the kitchen garden did not lose decorative effect throughout all summer, during creation of beds the earth is well dug over and fertilized in the generous portion of humus. The free space can be zamulchirovat peat, nut skorlupka or wood bark, it will reduce quantity of weeds. Vegetables and herbs need frequent watering and timely processing from wreckers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team