Derain white - landing and care for plant

Derain white - landing and care for plant

Derain white land in the spring or in the fall depending on weather conditions. If the earth long remains frozen, it is the best of all to plant plant in the fall. Any soils are suitable for its cultivation for this reason it is so often used for city gardening.

Choice of location

Thanks to the unpretentiousness and endurance Derain white can grow on the height and in the lowland, and boggy crude sites are even suitable for him. For this plant it is not necessary to create special conditions, it can grow on soils with close located underground waters and is capable to transfer flooding.

Derain white tenevynosliv, but on the sites lit with the sun he develops and looks better, in particular its poecilophyllous forms. Wind, heat and hard winters do not create to this plant any problems.

Landing and leaving

For reproduction use root escapes, accurately chop off them shovel from maternal plant and at once land on the constant place of growth. That Derain has begun to cluster, it is necessary to truncate its tops in the early spring. If you want to create green hedge, it is better to multiply bushes cherenkovaniye. They have rather high survival, but in severe winter the green shanks can suffer therefore it is the best of all to use the sclerotic. At the turf sprout even the dried-up branches which use as pegs for other plants. They are just stuck to that place where want to receive new bush. Derain white well looks both in single landings, and in combination with other bushes. It is possible to find the copies put many years ago and which are perfectly growing without any leaving in gardens. If to fill hole with wood ashes and humus, this power supply will be enough for many years. In the spring Derain it is possible to feed up complex fertilizer, but to do it optional.

Cutting of branches

In the fall or carry out sanitary cutting of old branches in the spring. It is possible to leave plant about 10 cm high of Derain without serious consequences transfers the procedure to surfaces, very quickly at it will begin to grow young branches, and bushes will become more magnificent and brighter, however at the same time the amount of colors and berries will decrease. In warm regions the cutting is done at the end of winter. If you want to receive beautiful red branches during cold season, it is necessary to truncate them in the early spring, prior to growth. In warm season Derain will grow new escapes, with the onset of cold weather they will be painted in beautiful red color. Quite so grow up Derain in England for decoration of garden in the winter. To see blossoming of plant and to receive berries, the forming cutting is carried out in the fall. Long branches shorten to desirable length for maintenance of harmonious form of bush and its splendor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team