Design of the children's room

Design of the children's room

The children's room – the place where will live and grow your kid. Therefore very important point in creation of interior of the nursery is the comfort and safety. At the same time the room has to be live and interesting that is reached at the expense of bright colors and unusual interior decisions.

Thinking over interior parts, it should be taken into account gender and age of the child. The magnificent decision will be to provide the choice of colors and subject to the child, giving it only small hints. Children's psychologists not strongly recommend to use in interior of the children's room of color or elements which are not pleasant to the child. If it grows in such room which is not pleasant to it, the kid can receive in the future mental deviations or problems with character.

The most popular subjects for boys are machines and planes, heroes of favourite cartoon; sport and travel, superheroes. In girlish rooms, heroes of fairy tales, princesses, flowers and fauna meet more often.

Here some more interesting ideas which can be used in the children's room.

Real the hudozhniksituation when the child creates painting masterpieces on wall-paper, already became legend in several generations. To preserve wall-paper and not to limit the child in creative realization, turn one of room walls into big easel. Having painted wall in white color, place on it big sheets of Whatman paper. When on Whatman paper the place ends, the layer can be replaced. As they say, to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. The second life old veshcheyv to the room of the child there should not be old terrible tables or cabinets. It is possible to update old piece of furniture by means of repaint or technology of decoupage. In the choice of subject it will be best of all to ask wishes of the kid, it will use new thing. To decorate such carry as cabinets or tables vinyl stickers will help. They fasten on soft glue which does not leave marks. It will allow to change periodically subject of stickers or all interior in principle. Instead of cabinets – karmanychtoba it is more interesting to diversify interior and to make it, replace normal boring cabinets with wall carpets with pockets. On such carpets soft toys can be sewn: elks, bears, dogs with pockets on clothes. Such interesting course will help to accustom the child to order easier. Let before going to bed the kid will be accustomed to lodge the socks to the Ball, and t-shirt – Mischa. Captain's rubkadet of preschool age very much love adventures and pirates. Turn the room into the captain's cabin. Let with bed on the opposite side the hammock for rest will be symmetrized, over table the treasure map has to hang, and in cabinet the globe, the field-glass and saber have to adjoin to books

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