Design registration of country house

Design registration of country house

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Owners of big country houses, certainly, want to improve also the site. The real estate far from the city is such habitat which air is filled with fragrant smells of the nature. It is difficult to provide the big cozy house without beautiful site. And in this case not to do without landscaping. Process, of course, demands material and physical inputs. But the result will long please with the magnificence.

Looking at pictures of foreign design decisions, be not overzealous with design of the site. Make working plan and draw the approximate sketch of future issued site. Do not forget about sense of proportion, decorating the fazenda. There is opinion that on the big site is where to be unrolled. But it not absolutely so, objects have to be in harmony among themselves, and for this purpose it is necessary to make efforts and to show creative abilities. Advantage of the big site is that on it it is possible to plant fir-tree, chestnut or other high beautiful tree. With such trees on the site will become much cozier. And the shadow will save from trees in the hot summer afternoon. Only do not forget to give to such trees the beautiful form.

The green lawn which is rather simple performed by and leaving is ideal and at the same time effective idea of landscaping of the house in the country. But if you do not like lawn with only one grass, it is possible to improve the site tiny decorative trees or bushes. But without flowers the site will look emptiest therefore the blossoming vegetation will add bright paints.

The pool is that element of design which will please children. He has to settle down in the secluded place that having a rest from heat, you felt comfortable. It will be also very beautiful to look the artificial reservoir decorated with the plants and ceramic figures loving water. Near it it is possible to put sun bed. One more site for rest will be so ready. And flickering illumination will allow to enjoy beauty of reservoir and at night.

Except beauty, it is necessary to add comfort elements, such as cozy gazebo in which it is possible to take refuge from summer heat or rain, convenient swing to everyday country life. Fans of meat should not forget about site for brazier.

To create unusual landscaping, it is necessary to have good imagination and to believe that the color magnificence can be created by own efforts.

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