Diseases of cacti

Diseases of cacti

Despite endurance and unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions, from time to time the diseases caused by errors in leaving, viruses, bacteria or mouldy mushrooms occur in cacti, as well as in any other houseplants.

The result of the wrong care for cactus or defeat of plant by wreckers can not always be noticed at initial stage of disease. Not to make similar mistake and not to ruin plant, it is regularly necessary to perform inspection of each cactus, fixing the slightest changes in its state. Diseases of cacti subdivide into four groups.

As a rule, similar diseases are caused by mechanical damages, violations of conditions of keeping of cactus or misuse of toxic chemicals. Traumatized it is possible to draw conclusion on change of exterior of plant on character: reddening or emergence of unpleasant reddish-brown color in cactus is usually connected with solar burns at placement of plant in the open sun. Wrinkling of cactus is caused most often by drafts, cold air, sharp change of temperature condition. Sudden subsidence of buds can be connected with excessive watering by cold water after long drought. Treatment in the listed cases is change of detention regime of plant. In case of mechanical damages it is necessary to disinfect surely wound and to wait for emergence of hem.

Violations of exchange processes are caused by shortcoming or excess of vitamins, micro and macrocells that leads to growth inhibition of stalk of plant and its buds, violation of terms of blossoming, change of color of coloring, excess education of children. For restoration and normalization of exchange processes it is necessary to observe the correct temperature condition, exact dosage of fertilizing, selection of specialized nutritious soil and ensuring due level of lighting.

Diseases of this type cause bacteria, viruses, pathogenic fungi. The most dangerous and most widespread disease at cacti - defeat by phytophthora fungi. The phytophthora causes rotting of root system and the basis of stalk. As prevention of disease it is recommended to disinfect surely the soil before landing of plant and to observe the correct mode of watering. At sick plant it is necessary to cut in due time damaged sites, cuts to process fungicides. If the root system is struck, it is possible either to implant plant, or to impart.

Diseases of this kind are caused by snails, nematodes, web pincers, mealy and root scales. For treatment of cactus for parasites it is necessary to wash carefully plant and soil with soap solution and to process insecticide. At defeat of root system scale the damaged roots of cactus cut off, healthy - process insecticides. The pot is carefully washed out and drenched with boiled water then fill with the new soil which has undergone disinfection.

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